My 1 plant grow(pics)

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  1. So I started germing a seed.
    and I built a box.
    Built an hps 150 ballast.
    Um. This isnt my first grow...
    But It will be my first grow real grow.
    I have grown a few plats to flowering then turned hermie.
    So I got some fem seeds and Im gona try my best not to mess them up.
    Im Gona use miracle grow moisture mix.
    Put it on a 24/0 light I guess.
    I just put the light on it lastnight.

    The seed was germed in paper towel and a bag.
    And then put it in a rockwool cube and then in soil.
    Once it guess like 2 in Ill transfer it into its big pot and it will be the only transfer I make.

    Im really just open for ALOT of advise.
    Ive got some money to spare on nutes.
    But I dont know any good brands.

    Ill post more pics as it gets going.
    These are shity ones from my cell.

  2. Get a MH bulb to vegg it. the HPS is for flowering. just some advice.

    Also with that light you can fit more in there.
  3. I was gona load it with some cfl's.
    But I let my friend barrow them all so I have to wait on them..
    I dont wana pay like 8bucks for a bulb again.
    So Is the hps not good for flowering at all?
    I thought that it was like ok just not the best???
  4. Fox Farms Grow Big for veg. Fox Farms Tiger Bloom and FF Big Bloom for flowering.

    I would caution against the soil - I've used it and had trouble with it. If it's time release? Avoid it like the plague. As far as alternative, Fox Farms Ocean Forest soil if you can find it in your area is very good.

    Seems like you could fit some more lights too, but that's already been discussed.

  5. I just found a shop that has FF.
    Its taken me a few weeks.

    But Ill be heading there after pay day and getting some ocean forest and grow big.
    And Ill pick up the tiger and big bloom when I get close.

    How much light does one plant really need???
    I know my box is a little big for one plant which makes me need more light to fill the space.

    Isnt it like 1200 lumens per plant or something like that?
  6. You can get CFL's a walmart right now for a buck a piece.
  7. The 150w is 8 bucks.

  8. fixt!
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    So how far away should my hps be away from the plant I think I might have burnt my fem seed.

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