My 1 day old baby plants go high

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  1. Sup all
    My baby plants are 1 day old
    The temperature is 27-29°
    Humidity 50-65
    Light: 60w

    my babys are now become stronger and get ready to transfer for 1 gallon fabric pot, and to go on my tent more few days.
    I noticed that the stem become pretty high, for now it is not really a problem because the light is 60w and the fan work on low speed and not really hurt the plants.
    But more 2-3 days i want to transfer to a 1 gallon fabric pot and i think that the stem is really high and im afraid to hurt them (i can understand its because the light power)
    So when i transfer it, can i cover a bit of the stem with soil?
    Or on the other hand, what can be my options?

    Great day all

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  2. I would start covering the stems now .
    Lower your lights if possible and put a nice continuous breese on them .
    But the your light is to high and theyre reaching .
    The fan will strengthen them from tipping over .

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  3. Also put them in a container that will not expose the root system when it develops.

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  4. Thanks man,
    How much i can cover with soil from the stem?
  5. Doubtful the light is 60watts. It's probably 60watt equivelant which means nothing to a plant. What's the actual draw?
  6. This 60w light is just for few days when they will big bigger and stronger.
    I make some changes more 15 min the lights will turn on and i take a photo
  7. Fill them to the top
    then when they're stable later transplant into dark colored pots.

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  8. Clear cups = mold and root rot from the light. Get this into a real pot.

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  9. So i cover the cup and fill them more with soil.
    Also i put something under the cup to make it a bit higher
    I see that the stem go more high.
    I think i will follow them in the next few hours if nothing changes i transfer to my tent with my Q.B

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  10. Hmm the following was grown till harvest without any root rot or mold

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  11. Nice video!
    Its just for 1-2 days
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  12. That video was for day 4 to day 10. The plant grew in that glass container till harvest. I stopped the videos after day 30 or so because they got boring
  13. I just mention it because the whole light on roots will kill your plant is a badly perpetuating rumor. Lights on roots won’t kill your plant. Roots exposed to bright direct light will decrease root growth compared to non exposed roots. But having them in clear solo cups is perfectly fine. I use clear solo cups all the time because I like to document how quick seedlings will get root bound in a solo cup. I also put them in a second more opaque solo cup to limit their exposure.

    But the whole lights on roots will kill your plant is misleading information that I see a lot.
  14. Anyway i cover the glass with black tape and i hope more few days my fabric pots will arrive and i will transfer the ladies.
    Btw on the last hour i transfer them to the tent put the light around 45cm and 1/4 of the full power. Give them to drink and hope in few hours they will look happy

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