my 0g stretched ears are healed, how long can i leave the jewelry out?

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    so i stretched to a 0g like 8 or 9 months ago so im pretty sure its healed. how long can i leave my jewelry out before it closes? like can i go a day without my plugs or will it close D: help  

  2. A day would probably be okay, but I wouldn't go any longer. If you want to keep them out during the day but want to keep that size, just sleep with some plugs in and they'll stay at 0.  They're gonna be a tight fit though and your next stretch wont be as easy if you plan on just wearing plugs at night.
  3. I went to 00 and kept them for just shy of 2 years and they have gone in and out over the past 8 years. they have been out for 3 years now and i can put a 10g in them still.
  4. I will only help if that is you , in  the avatar .... ?

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