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  1. so i am going at round 2, and with actual strains this year:hello: last year i had bag seeds going, which turned out splendid.. and still smokin' on it! (down to the last half oz haha)

    but anywho im currently doing a super lemon haze, dinafem WW, dinafem diesel, LSD, and a feminized seed that came out of my previous harvest--i figured i'd continue the legacy! ha

    and since im running a bit low i thought i'd give some autos a whirl. i did a pick n mix at the singleseedcentre for a few, along with attitude and EDIT as well. (all of which were great seed vendors)
    the lineup for the autos are; 2 auto ak(reg), 1 dinafem roadrunner, 1 greenhouse green-o-matic, 3 easy ryders, 2 red dwarf, and 1 sweet seeds fast bud. and these should be harvesting from the middle of june through the first week in july!

    i have 2 plots, 1 being the one from last year and then the 2nd which is a new spot that gets about 3 hours more sunlight, kinda in the middle of a christmas tree type field. but there is a problem with the old one..the briars that seperate the plot from our property line (where we cut the grass to) hasn't grown too hopefully that changes because it wouldnt hide the plants too well

    i also have an amigo and his brother doing a few at their farm. they have a dinafem blue fruit and 2 slh

    heres some random pics to bring you guys up to date with the ladies;


    pic1-bout to hatch 'em all
    pic2- 3 easy ryders, 2 red dwarf, 2 auto ak reg, and i think the other cup was the feminized bag seed
    pic3- soil of choice, got 3 bags..same stuff i used last year
    pic4- 1st plot, before the soil and holes were made up. holes for the 4 main strains.
    pic5- the briars and my spot.. they better grow. (last year i could almost stand and it covered me)
    pic6- permanent homes for the 2 red dwarfs (black container) and an easy ryder
    pic7-fastest growing ER
    pic8- to the right of the plot, sits the 3 ER's and the 2 red dwarfs in the back but you can only see one. (a bit more sun light over here)
    pic9- i got my dinafem ww, diesel, and lsd hanging out in this area before they go in those holes you saw earlier
    pic10- 2nd plot; bottom left- feminized bagseed, bottom right- 2 auto ak's, middle-roadrunner, top left- GH green-o-matic, top right- fast bud

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  2. nice first in line:smoking:

    you got some really nice plants already mx. this is gunna be a good year for you man, sendin good vibes and a lil rep;):)
  3. You definitely got my attention mx. I'm tuned in...may the pot gods smile on your space
  4. thank you senors! i appreciate the good vibes. and i believe this is gonna be a good year for us allll!!:D
  5. loving the strains and choices :)

    Putting a chair down for this one

    subscribed + rep

  6. well thank you very much mister haze.
    and i saw the strains your workin with and i'm liking what i'm seeing
    looks like you shall have quite the tasty variety indeed.

  7. I agree, this year looks to be when alot of growers are making the bigger steps into strains :cool:

    I did strains 3 last year, now 20+ :D


  8. haha check you out! your shall be stocked for a good while:) sucha good feeling having an abundant supply of sweet mary jane.

    * and a lil update. the rain yesterday gave the girls a nice soakin which is exactly what they needed. heres some pics taken a few hours ago.

    pic1- SLH :D she's getting there..slowly but surely!
    pic2- 3 ER, diesel, lsd, ww [the 2 big easy ryders are showing more and more pistols!]
    pic3- 2 red dwarfs [also showing the baby pistols]
    pic4- green-o-matic,roadrunner,fast bud
    pic5- bottom left being my previous bagseed, and to the right is the only reg seeds i got. the 2nd auto ak..the 1st one turned male but it was great being able to see the sex in such short time. hopefully the 50/50 odds are in my favor!

    when i get time this week i'm actually going to swap out the 3 autos from pic 4 and put those next to the SLH. and then fill the holes with soil and that will be the new home for the diesel,lsd, & ww since its a better spot.

    op part2_00003.jpg

    op part2_00005.jpg

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  9. looking really good dude! thats cool shes showing pistols man:smoking:
  10. quick update!

    pic1- moved the main strains to this plot due to the briar height situation. and just transplanted yesterday :)
    pic2- 3 easy ryders. 2 on the right should be putting on weight here soon:hello:
    pic3- gh green-o-matic
    pic4- sweet seeds fast bud
    pic5- dinafem roadrunner
    pic6- red dwarf (with the other one behind her). im worried this is the biggest they're gonna get.. these were planted the same time at the easy ryders and they've been flowering too so who knows how they'll turn out
    pic7- good 'ol smokin spot:smoking:



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    Hey MX, at it again.

    Is that auto strain already flowering??? They already look like 2 fuzzy dildos sticking up out of that pot
  12. ahah those dildos are steady going strong. pretty much all the autos are getting their flower on in their own way. the 2 red dwarfs have been showing pistols and flowering since those ER's so hopefully they hit a growth spurt or something instead of just making two 6" colas:/
  13. nice update mx! glad things are going good for you. those autos are gunna get nice and frost:smoking: i cant wait for my autos to bud
  14. loving the grow. those autos look like a nice size looks like they will give a good yield. im sub!
  15. looking good man ill sub
  16. Hey MX, how's it going man? :wave:Things are looking good your way, how about an update bro'? :smoking:
  17. Yeah, I'd love an update. I read your thread on your first grow beginning to end, It was like watching a movie.

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