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    Sleeping Giant - Pastel on paper


    Hey, I figure its probably better to introduce myself in the Artist corner. I'm a

    Portland artist of sorts. Marijuana has been extremely influential in my recent

    life ever since I have been introduced to it. I've been smoking for about a

    year, never got my hands on much dank or many of the various strains

    though. I enjoy smoking joints the most (have never tried a blunt, but that

    shit looks fun as hell), but I enjoy finding new ways of getting high. I've

    always been extremely interested in hallucinogenics, savantism, dreams and

    consciousness. I'm attending PSU with no real goal, overall it looks like I'm

    pursuing an art major for my parents, but I don't really fuckin' care about a

    diploma. I play every instrument I can get my hands on, (with varying

    degrees of proficiency) design my own theoretical video games, dabble into

    writing, poetry, language and philosophy.

    I have other interests that are undeveloped so far such as cooking

    (especially with weed) and sowing (I can already design hella cool clothes,

    just can't make them). A lot of my art is based around symbolisms found in

    letters, shapes and colors. Anyway, I'll let the art speak for itself, but it may

    mean more if there's a little information about me. Sorry for the shitty camera

    phone quality images :)

    Life is but a Dream - Acrylics on canvas


    Here's a little Weed World I pasteled onto a cardboard piece lying around :)


    Most recent one I'm currently painting. Don't know what I'll call it yet.


  2. damn your great. i love the second one and the first the most
  3. it's lookin' cool man. I dig where you're coming from. The last one made me think of Cezanne:


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