MW3 Weed Leaf Emblem?

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by xJord4n, Nov 15, 2011.

  1. Does anyone know how to get the weed leaf emblem on MW3?
  2. posi for a list of all emblems and how to unlock them. I already found a titles guide but can't find shit on emblems
  3. Can you post the thing for titles?
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  5. I rocked the weed leaf and blunt trauma back in mw2 days. Miss that shit.
  6. havent found out yet.... :/
  7. In mw2 I used the leaf and airborne title.. Hehe get it? Airborne? Youre high? Lululul
  8. In mw2 I always used the weed leaf and the pink heart title.
  9. I'm told it's killing an enemy by setting off a chain of explosions. I haven't gotten it yet so I'm not sure if that's right or not, and I've also heard a few times that it's kill somebody right before they get a 10 killstreak

  10. Ya its the first one, you gotta get "domino effect" kill someone by setting off a chain of explosions...

    got this yesterday:D! was so fing scyced lol

    Good hunting, Good toking
  11. Yeah I just unlocked it by shooting a grenade close to a claymore which killed somebody. I unlocked 4 damn challenges doing it haha, some of them I never thought I'd get. I've got the leaf as my emblem now but honestly it doesn't look that great. Something about the art style just feels dull to me but oh well, it's still a marijuana leaf. Now if they only had a bong title...
  12. IMO you shouldn't do it beacuse everyone has the pot pot leaf
  13. Everybody will have it eventually. So far though I have only seen one person with it (but I don't pay a whole lot of attention I guess).
  14. Maybe OP isnt a hipster?

    I love when some annoying 12 year old kid has a weed symbol. Ill ask him what weed looks like and he starts studdering and trys to think of a movie he saw it in.

    I used to rock the pot leaf with the Iron Lungs title for a long ass time.
  15. i use the shroom emblem, it looks badass
  16. hey man do you mind helping me out unlocking it? i have and xbox.

  17. I'm just saying pick something more original you're going to be playing games with 2-3 other people with that symbol
  18. well, i got a lot to say....

    I feel ya there, a lot of the titles and emblems that COULD be cool, are ruined by bad effects or some little problem.

    I havent seen a lot of people with the emblem, but the title Joint Ops is just insane. most people get it their first couple nights of playing and they all use it. Now i get Ta-Da and High Command and feel dumb using the same title as 2/3 of users.

    Said on the first page... unlock it by setting off a chain of explosions that kills an enemy player

    its still badass, not many people have the symbol yet on MW3
  19. Yeah the joint ops title is way too easy. I think it's like 15 assists or something like that and I get like 5 a game >.>'. How do you unlock the mushroom title?

    And oddly enough the title I see most is actually that giant ass whale that says schooled on it. I think you get it for 3rd prestige or something

  20. lol i had been using Schooled for a while, but finally reverted back to my The Feared title. You get Schooled for being a prestige lvl 65. You get the mushroom emblem by firing an entire sniper mag into your enemies without missing.

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