MW3 Weapon Discussion

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by Mogwai, Nov 20, 2011.

  1. I know there are a lot of MW3 threads already but fuck it... I'm not familiar with very many guns on here and I wouldn't mind getting some ideas and shit for new classes and I've also got a few questions about some weapons... So discuss anything you want pertaining to weaponry. Favorite, least favorite, overpowered, underrated, what the fuck ever...

    Does anybody know about a weapon title for the stinger? I said fuck gold weapons since they don't get carried over after you prestige but the titles do.. So I'm trying to collect as many as a I can. They're all 500 kills each but what about the stinger? You can't kill people with it since it's lock on only and surely to fucking god they don't want you to shoot down 500 vehicles...

    Shit, I don't even know if the stinger has titles.. but the other launchers do so it should.

    Oh and I just started using the CM901 today and it's fucking awesome. Only issues are that it's slow as fuck (but that doesn't usually matter) and that it kicks pretty hard.. The kick proficiency does a lot for it though. Definitely gonna get the title for this one within a few days
  2. been doing work with the riot shield. its kinda humiliating for the guy i mash to the ground. its definitely under rated. i have that with the perk that helps with explosions. and a little sub machine-gun. i named it "Wrecking Ball"

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