mw3? more like mw2.5

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  1. has anyone noticed that these two games are basically the same? the more i play the more i notice that everything is the same with minor tweaks. even all the main guns are just recycled with a few new weapons
  2. Nobody has noticed, you have discovered something new :smoke:
  3. Don't we have enough of these "boohoo mw3 suxxx I cunt belief I spends the muny on dis iz lyke mw2 oh my got!" threads? Your fault for not researching before buying.
  4. seems like its an even bigger race to hold down the trigger
  5. i actually havent bought it yet, ive played it at my friends and was disappointed by how its basically the same. i have been playing a lot of gears 3
  6. You're the zillionth person to say this.. And I've said it before but here I go again.

    Such an assertion is fucking stupid. Yes, it retains the same core gameplay.. Much like every other video game sequel does. There is nothing wrong with that. Is Skyrim just Oblivion 1.5? Is Rock Band 3 just Rock Band 1.75? Battlefield 1.6? Same core gameplay.

    New maps, new weapon feels, new approach to kill streaks, new campaign, new survival mode of gameplay (which is fucking sick), new way of progressing weapon unlocks, new maps, Kill Confirmed gametype, ect... It has a more polished feel than MW2 also, even though it runs on the same engine.

    So that MW2.5 argument is fucking stupid. I'm not a CoD fan but I do enjoy this game, so don't bother calling me biased because I would gladly express that this wasn't worthy of being called a new game if I believe it. This game includes enough variation from previous titles. So please, just stop downing on a game just because it's Call of Duty, which is ever so popular to hate on nowadays. You're just taking part in a trend of hatin'.

    I just got done watching the Walking Dead and I could say it's the same as the first season. Mostly the same characters and it's just an expanded version of the story from Season1. But hey, that would be fucking retarded, wouldn't it?

  7. 1. no

    2. no

    3. no

    4. no, watching the walking dead is retarded enough.
  8. no this is more of a direct copy then the other series games. battlefield and gears of war feel really different to play and have reworked gameplay. cod just feels exactly the same. my favorite part is the survival mode because it is new and not the same thing i have played over and over again. and they only added one new gametype, kill confirmed which isnt even that fun or much of an innovation. you just have to run over to someone after you killed them. at least black ops had wager matches. they were even too lazy to change the game menus
  9. Shit game, same with BF3.

    I have both

  10. Rob wins.
  11. I explained my reasoning. You just said no. Nice work though
  12. I shall be gladly trading this game in when I pick up SR3 tomorow Arvo :)

    It was gonna between cod and battlefield..
    Wasn't hard to decide lol
  13. Only reason I dont feel cheated is that I never bought MW2
  14. [quote name='"PC Gamer"']Only reason I dont feel cheated is that I never bought MW2[/quote]

    You brought mw2 with a couple of features that weren't in the original lol

    The changes weren't steps forward at all I feel they were just changes for the sake of trying to disguise the clone it is
  15. [quote name='"hippielama"']

    1. no

    2. no

    3. no

    4. no, watching the walking dead is retarded enough.[/quote]

    You should join the debate team.
  16. I didnt bring anything.

  17. i typed less words but said the same amount of worth.
  18. :rolleyes:
  19. that post was almost as good as mine. almost.
  20. Can we rename this thread English 101 ?

    I'd like to take this time to deeply apologize from the bottom of my heart to every blade who's life may have been understandably devastated due to my incorrect grammar.

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