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  1. So is there any one out there looking to start a team or involved with a team that plays call of duty (MW3)? I know this thread is totally irrelevant to smoking but that's why I posted it here. Xbox 360 only.

    If you have any idea of how to get sponsored, let me know. I kick fucking ass.

    GT: WayTooSober
  2. Add me: Havok Se7en

    Let's play some Hardcore S&D, and TDM.
  3. I will joint, but I suck lololol
  4. We should start a Clan that is GrassCity sponsored hahaha...clan gc. theres got to be some legit as cod stoners out there
  5. GT: Ju5tiinx117
    I made it in 7th grade when putting 2 I's and replacing a letter with a number in your name was cool, dont judge man lol
  6. LOl Yeah man And During the MLG competions we take smoke breaks, and get blazed af. and still win .. haha i play ps3. im good..
  7. I'm alright at it. I get pissed very easily, and I curse all the time.

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