Mw3 maps kinda suck

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  1. Let me start by saying although I think the battlefield series is far superior, I have always found cods multiplayer extremely addicting. It's fast paced, unrealistic, and overwhelmingly rewarding. All of these combine for a fun pick up and play game that can last forever. But I am extremely disappointed with the maps in mw3. They seem to have no flow to them, and no choke points. I thought it was just because I hadn't played much but now I'm level 42 and feel the same way
  2. Honestly I prefer them to mw2 maps lol
  3. I dunno what you mean saying they don't have choke points.. All of them do minus a very select few (like 1 or 2). There are a few that I really like.. Namely Arkaden and Hardhat. Really the only maps I don't like are Seatown and Bakaara. I can put up with Seatown somewhat though but fuck Bakaara
  4. should we throw this in the pile of "this call of duty sucks thread"
  5. how about that new map pack?

    how much are you suckers paying for that garbage?

    fuck cod lol, soon the cow will be milked dry.
  6. New map pack?

    And I don't know... I'll wait and see, but chances are I'll probably buy it if it's less than $20. $20 for some fuckin' maps is stupid, but I heard they were gonna charge $15 which might be worth it if they're good. Plus they're playable on survival too...
  7. I like them better than the maps in mw2 and black ops, personally. The only maps I genuinely dislike are Bakaara and Downturn. Hardhat and Village are 2 of my favorite COD maps of all time, Seatown is fun, Fallen is a little bland but it plays really well... I was expecting there to be more bad maps than good, but I was pleasantly surprised.
  8. We need an official "bitch about mw3 thread."
  9. I just thought the black ops maps were far better. Haha and there is no "nuketown" map. Nothing that is absolutely so fun to play no matter how many times youve been there
  10. Nuketown was the only good map on BO I thought.
  11. No way man grid, firing range, favela, the one on the snowy mountain....
  12. Shit I forgot Firing Range. That one was pretty good. But Favela was MW2

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