mw3 fail. this happen to anyone else?

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by thekid23, Nov 14, 2011.

  1. this keeps happening to me

    [ame=]Biggest MW3 Fail Ever #2 - YouTube[/ame]
  2. Glitch or hack?

    So glad I don't play.
  3. i like how he kept trying to hit him at that close range.. just fucking knife him and move on..
  4. MW3 = Same shit, different package.
  5. fkn mw3 i dont like the online much the mw3 campaign and spec ops are awesome tho , but bf3 online is by far better than mw3
  6. Looks like a connection issue

  7. it was neither, mw3 hit detection is just this shitty im guessing
  8. Because that assumption makes the most sense :rolleyes:

    I've seen this exact same thing happen in almost every online shooter I've played
  9. Ouch lol, that's harsh. Haven't tried MW3 or BF3 online just, just campaigns.
  10. Yea when people disconnect or packets are lost, that was not the case here.

    He was using a kill streak reward and the game would not let him die because he was in another screen using that reward.. fucking retarded...It would be like trying to kill a mortar spammer in BF3 but every time he was in the mortar screen he was invincible.
  11. How do you know it wasn't a dc or packet issue though? It may not have been, I couldn't really tell. But you can die when using killstreaks normally, so it must have just been a weird glitch at most
  12. I was just about to say that, he probably had immense packet drop and then stabilized when you killed him

    Oh it wasn't a connection problem? Go figure, they take no time to have competent programming
  13. Ya ive been playing MW3 for couple days and i havent seen that, It was probably your connection

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