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MW2 pot leaf emblem

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by bong in pants, Nov 20, 2009.

  1. Anyone know how to get it? I've looked on Google, but all of the other threads turn into a debate about weed.

    Also, just to be clear, I'm not talking about the titles "joint ops" or "blunt trauma", I'm talking about the emblem that is a pot leaf.

  2. Ill check on the gamebattles forums real quick. I saw one there a couple days ago. I will update you soon.
  3. i seen it too but not sure how to get it. i noticed everyone who has it is 2nd prestige mnaybe you gotta do that first. do you have ps3? if so id like to add you
  4. "get all 3 of your killstreak rewards within 20 seconds, got it 2 days ago with the 70, it's cute."

    From a game battles thread. Now i saw this a couple different times so i believe this one is right. Sorry if its not also someone said you have to be lvl 63 and complete a challenge or something. Maybe that is a challenge? Idk either way thats what i could find.
  5. damn! how the fuck... does one do that:|
  6. On a related note I just got the title " Pineapple Express "
  7. Damn i guess set all your kill streaks to a really low count and hope to get a lucky nade or something. I would be really tough but you never know sometimes some shit happens when you dont expect it.
  8. I believe you need to be like 61-63 to unlock it. Not sure if there's a challenge or you just get it..
  9. Yea grassy knoll is awesome too you get it for being prone the most in a match. Me and 2 of my friends are in a clan together called [WEED] i love it.
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    Does anyone know the way to get the 'High Command' Marijuana title? I read places where you get it from having the highest average altitude. Does anyone know an easy way to get the highest altitude?


    To get the pot leaf emblem you need to complete the denier emblem which you is where you end someones killstreak who has a killsteak above 10
  11. they better have a bong title. im sorry but i love my bong more then joints or blunts
  12. To get Blunt Trauma. Use the riot shield and kill people.

    I forgot how i got joint ops.
  13. i think joint ops is from a lot of assist kills
  14. Joint Ops - Kill an enemy hidden by smoke.

    Grassy Knoll - Get 50 1 shot kills with the sniper rifle. (not longest prone)

    Blunt Trauma - 2 kills with riot shield

  15. wow, they actually incorporated weed into the game? lol
  16. Alright for everyone that wants to know how to get the Pot Leaf Emblem (the emblem not the titles), You have to unlock the last set of challenges, i think its called "intimidation" and then you get it for doing the challenge called "The Denier". This is 100% correct, i was trying to figure out how to get it for awhile and what everyone told me was wrong except one kid told me to do this challenge and it worked. You have to have the challenge unlocked, then kill someone after they get 9 kills but before they get their 10 kill streak.

    Right now im using the "so baked" title with the pot leaf emblem, you get "so baked' from killing a certain amount of people with cooked grenades.
  17. jesus christ there are so many i didn't know about. i might have to take throwing knives off my classes.. na. the throwing knives are just too badass.

    i fucking love this game so much.
  18. Just got my first nuke earlier today. Was playing Derail hardcore TDM running around with the Akimbo Model 1887s with the FMJs raping face. It was rediculous, i ended up 36 and 1 at the end and i only died because my nuke killed me, and i didnt even let my harrier run out either so i probably coulda got to like 50 - 0 if i didnt freak out and mash the nuke button the second i got it. :smoking: Currently rank 68, if anyones up for some Hardcore TDM or Search add MK UItra.
  19. bullshit. u say u mashed the button as soon as u got it... u get it at 25 kills not 36. y lie?

  20. The nuke doesn't drop instantly after calling it in, he probably got more kills from his harrier and the nuke itself so he ended up with 11 more kills. He's not going to lie about that on a weed forum. :smoking:

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