mw2 is dead.

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  1. guys, i'm sorry but i've just recently noticed that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2's online experience is completely done for. for the past couple of months it's been getting overrun with hackers, modders, campers, "try-hards", and little kids. so on this day September 30th, 2010 i put to rest the wonderful multiplayer gameplay of a fairly good video game. the "noob infection" has taken full control of the playability and once enjoyable aspects of the game and is now completely out of control. i was playing ground war last night and couldn't even get a kill because i would just get spawn-raped every 2 seconds, not to mention all my classes are made completely easy to use now because everyone thinks it's cool to use RPGs and UMPs all the damn time - because i literally have not gotten into a game where i can do anywhere near decent with a fair weapon (m4a1, scar, mp5k) due to all the cheap assholes that sit in corners with heartbeat sensors or rpds. i think today will be my last day playing it.

    it's a shame, it was a good game for a while there.
  2. I'm playing it right now and I think it's the shit. The reason there wasn't noob tubers in CoD4 was because in hardcore modes you could kill your team, therefore nobody spammed it. Still love this game, and hope Black Ops is pro.
  3. i stopped play mw2 along time ago so boring after a while wait till the new cod and medal of honour
  4. Isnt there a new cod coming out in november?
  5. treyarch = fail
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    i remember when the javelin rocket launcher glitch first came out, whenever someone killed me it exploded and killed 4-5 people at one time.ahh good times :cool: ps3 wasn't banning people for it either lol

    i haven't played mw2 in a while but the hacks doesn't bother me and people hardly talks on psn so i rarely hear a ton of annoying kids... now when it laggs i get pissed

  7. the trick to not hearing kids is plug in your headset but dont put it on :p

    I hate the lag too, I pretty much cruised up to 70 and got bored of all the kids
  8. Haha That game was dead a week after its release.

    I remember when I got it, thinking there was no possible way it could be that bad and that they would fix it. The games shitty, its designed to be a shitty game so shitty people dont do shitty. Simple concept really...You think they made the spawns that retarded by accident? Hell no, even a mentally retarded amputee can get kills when you spawn behind someone every single time.

    They basically took MW1, plopped a bunch of killstreaks in it, made every gun the same, and fucked the spawns up. I laugh and die a little on the inside every time someone claims this game is even half decent.
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    Well after months of boycotting the game because of the whole dedicated server support issue for the pc i gave in and decided to buy it the other day as it was only £8. Although i was aware of the state of the gameplay i decided to give it a go in the hope that it would fill the gap from now til black ops. Installed it yesterday, played 7 matches, the next one worst than the last.
    Jittery laggy shit. Wont be going back.
    Started playing the SP which im sure youl agree merits my £8 worth, but plan to sell it soon again in the hope that some fool will buy it.

    If it was a multiplayer only game i woud have tied it to a brick and threw it into the window of the shop i got it from.

    You guys, and the other threads on the matter, have pretty much summed it up and theres no need for me to add any more. Im gutted.

    Just hope black ops does the job. And we can forget this abomination ever existed {pc mulitplayer-wise}.

    Back to bad company 2 then.
  10. The spawning does get a little ridiculous.
  11. I agree! This game is really frustrating at times and unbearable to play. Although in small spans I can tolerate playing.
  12. I made the move to playing hardcore team deathmatch, which was good for awhile. However, lately there have been a lot of players doing friendly fire, which gets old real quick. I had to take a break from it for awhile. Playing the game on occasion is still enjoyable, but nothing like the first week or two of playing.
  13. I really like MW2. I feel MW1 was really good though as well. I play hardcore 100% of the time, and I find a lot of the things people bitch about are better on hardcore.
  14. I still play it. It's a video game; nomatter what, there's going to be people trying to get the upper hand by pulling bush league moves. Just gotta be smarter than them and counter their plans. Unless they're cheating.. like legit with hacking and shit. And I keep most of those bitches on mute. Love the game, hate 99% of the people that play it it seems like.
  15. dude...
  16. That's why you play hardcore. Everything you mentioned doesn't occur in hardcore.

  17. I know right? A normal game of COD looks like crappy child's play, I can't stand it. Hardcore is 1000% better, really the only good reason to play the game. Once you go hardcore, you don't go back.
  18. Not actually bought MW2, eventhough I'm a long time veteran of the COD franchise. As for the OPs complaints, they are to be expected when one do not have dedicated servers (yes, I play only on PC) and admins to boot the cheaters and griefers. And I don't quite think it helped that IW in all their consolification of COD in MW2 also removed Punkbuster (somewhat effective anticheat) from the PC version.

    I could say "I told you so!" and be mischievously happy, that MW2 turned out to be excactly what the community said it would be, an utter piece of crap. But really I'm more saddened by the entire ordeal. It was so uneccesary. After the great success of MW1, they could just have built on that, adding stuff rather than removing stuff and options.

    Still enjoy MW1 and not least WaW. WaW, eventhough made by Treyarch, is the best COD yet if you ask me. But then again, I never grow tired of WW2 games.

    And as it looks Black Ops won't repeat the fails of MW2. There will be dedicated servers at the very least. We'll see what the features on the technical side will be as we get closer to release.

    And either case, BF:BC2 is still here, soon ready in its Vietnam guise. That'll be fun. And a bit further on the horizon, BF3. Oh joy :D
  19. i still rage that shit man lol

    ps3 Fresh-To-Def- add it for a 1v1 quickscope
  20. I'll play a few rounds of Deathmatch then I'll get mad and stop. I like using the FAL (gives me a better feeling of reality, because I can't hit the trigger and spray people for kills)

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