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Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by NaughtyDread, Feb 16, 2004.

  1. so, out of curiosity, what genra of muzic ya listenin to today? my sounds are being bought to me by DJ Richard...nothin like some speed garage to get ya going in the mornin huh?

  2. You mean like a garage band that plays speed metal? sounds cool to me. METAL!
  3. Punk all the way...the distillers.
  4. anything like the stone roses, zep, sabbath, deep purple, coldplay, simon and garfunkel, hendrix, amon tobin, local h.........i'll listen to allmost out...........Sid
  5. I listened to Elvenefris by Lykathea Aflame this morning (amazing album), then this afternoon and right now it's been whatever winamp decides is best for me!
  6. right now i got some OAR on....anyone ever heard of coheed and cambria?
  7. mr wing, are you a hard core, black metal, "iwishiwasnorweigan", i run through the woods at night screaming battle cries and adorned with a ridiculously big sword that looks like the one from final fantasy and black face paint, fan?

    oh, and im listening to burn one down by ben harper. mellowwwwwwwww

  8. Well, I only take it that far at weekends. Really though, I am quite a fan of the old black metal, but also death/power/heavy/thrash and grindcore, plus some completely different stuff, so I've got very varied tastes.

    Does this mean you've heard of Lykathea Aflame before? (Though they're not really a black metal band)

  9. Haha, I find it funny that you go from mentioning a band such as OAR to Coheed. But yeah, Coheed and Cambria are real awesome, especially their new album.
  10. Lately all I've been listening to is Bob Marley, Sublime, & some Outkast.
  11. The classics for me, Hendrix, Floyd, the dead, zeppelin, marley, dylan.

    I did find an old Muddy Waters album on vinyl, really been digging that the last week =D
  12. most lately, :D its been 311, slightly stoopid (latest!) aaaaaand sublime GET READY!!!!! CAUSE IM IN THE MOOOOOOOOOD!!!!! :D
  13. i never liked categorizing my music into one genre. everyone whos like "yeah im a punk thats ALL i listen to" is missing out on a crapload of good music. my playlists can go from tool to dave matthews to the smashing pumpkins to the ramones to the grateful dead. i listen to some underground rap/hip hop, too.

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