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  1. Hello, i've been wondering, talking with some botanist friends (they specialize in orchids) and i was wondering...

    have you ever come across mutations in any of your plants? and if so, was it better, worse, did you try and get them to stabilize for propagation?

    just curious, mostly because i've been thinking that all these crossings and splicings...

    and if you did get a mutation, what did it come from (strain?)
  2. hey ask ur orchid buddies about 'psudocopulation' :)

    as to mutations, ofc we all get them.

    every plant has some sort of mutation. so very bad mutations are so dramatic that the seeds never even sprout.

    here is the difference between MJ and orchids tho, the MJ flower is extremely simple and the orchid is extremely complex.

    so u may not see the flower mutations in MJ as much as u would in a huge phalanopsis flower.

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