Mutated growth? help please!

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    This plant is from a clone, it seems to be growing vigerously, however all of the growth appears mutated, any ideas what the problem might be?

    Im using Pro-Mix Bx indoor grow.

    Plant is about a month old from clipping
    Using 600 watt Metal Halide, plant is a good 2 feet from light
    Im using RO water
    Im using the General Hydroponic nute system
    Temperature is 74 and humidity 54
    What size pots? 3 gallon
    All of the other plants in my grow are in excellent shape except this one, any advice?

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  2. Check the soil pH. How much of each fertilizer do you use & how often?
  3. looks to me like one of three things, reveging clone from flowering mother,nute burn or tobacco mosaic virus. just give her ph balanced water only for a week and see how she looks, if its nute burn it will improve, if its reveg the newest leaves should start to look normal, if its the last one then seek advice on TMV. hope this was of some help. good luck.
  4. are those smart pots? sometimes with smartpots, if you dont move it around every few days, the roots grow crazy and may hit some stagnant water in your tray & rot a little. try moving your pots around and see if the plant gets better.

  5. Well this clone was from a flowering plant that got reverted back, so we will go with that and see if there is any improvements in a week or so thanks....also i checked ph it was 6.6
  6. hope she is doing better now :)

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