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  1. currently i have the g13lab pure gold developing 3\4 leaves at every set - all healthy and a nice green colour but getting really bushy. do you think that in the end it will produce normally buds or maybe they will be defected beacause of this mutant situation?:devious:
  2. You're a dong. When the plant is early in life and in branching they only produce a few leaves at each set and then more grow in eventually....

    Sidenote: I HATE g13 labs. They are the worst genetics I have ever used in my life. I was not dumb enough to buy them but got them as freebies and NONE of them survived. G13 is a waste of time, money and effort.
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    1st: you're a dong because you haven't understood what i said. at every set normally in the begining a plant has 2 leaves but in my case it has 3/4leaves.

    2nd. my g13lab seeds were freebies from attitude seedbank and all survived and growing really nice and healthy especially purple lady and super skunk

    3rd. i'll be really glad if someone can give me a proper answer

  4. I dont think anyone can really give you a reliable answer. Just wait and see, it'll still produce dank bud if grown properly... mayba a little less, maybe a little more than usual.
  5. No pics? I've toyed around with some mutants in my day. Show me and I'll tell you. Leaf count means practicaly nothing. I have a seed stash of three leaf indicas that produce nice big earthy flavor buds. But if they have three way or four way nodes then they are trash unless it's some crazy dank and you don't mind lesser yeilds.You'll have an open spot at every node for the whole length of the cola wich leads to airy fluffy growth. (Buds you can see light through if you hold them up to a light.) Are you sure they are not just prematurely flowering or going through some sort of mild light/hour photo shock? Did you start them inside for any length of time longer than a week? Photos brother. Photos would be key in answering your question.
  6. I have a plant that is doing the exact same thing, its Jack Herre x Bubba Tuk. Its about three weeks old and was growing SLOW at first now its showing improvement but its growing 4 nodes at its first true set also. Im excited to see what it becomes. I have 10 other plants growing under the same exact conditions 3 of which are the same strain but its the only mutant.
  7. nono im sure they are not flowering and it was started directly outside in pots with 10hrs of sun. and 5minutes ago i took some photos of it but when connected it to my pc the camera couldnt upload the pics

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