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  1. I've seen some anomalies while growing like flowers growing on leaves or plants that start with 3 leaves instead of 2, but this recent plant has about 30% of it's branches growing with 4-6 leafs per node, and it is making the buds forming on those branches seem larger and more dense. Any experience with this? It is power plant from dutch passion.

  2. did you mess up the light cycle before you started to flower? because that will cause some weird growth.
  3. No lights are on a timer in a tent. I have another plant from the same seed pack that is perfectly normal.... weird.
  4. Im the power plant guy here at GC, I got my first power plant(DinaFem) when it was called power flower is still popular in Europe even the cafes of Holland today
    A recent strain of my Big Bud looks very much the same as your Power Plant,
    actually thought it was until I read your specs
    I do grow my PP thru out with HPS no cool white at all in the entire grow tho I don't want full stretch ,..some stretch is good between the internodes to prevent this, as for me it WILL lead to molds and a big loss come harvest
    perhaps you gave her to much cool white(6500k) during mid veg?
    nice tho

    good luck
  5. No it was not the light . Its just the genetics of that plant how it wanted to grow . I would strongly suggest not. buying more dutch passion. i had 72 plants herm ! in just week 3 of flower nanners . fuck dutch passion .
  6. Polyploid?:huh:
  7. I have mine under led full spectrum. The other one from the same seed pack is not like that. Either just a different pheno or something. I'll keep an eye out for mold, but my tent has pretty low humidity this time of year.
  8. I think it is slightly. I like it.
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    Thanks for sharing. A genetic mutation would be my guess. I've also experienced buds at the area where the petiole meets the leaf blade. I believe that mutation is becoming a bit more common within cannabis due to over breeding. I've also experienced a seedling with no cotyledons, which like your mutation is very uncommon. In my opinion it's a rare genetic mutation and I wouldn't worry much about it.

    Edit: I believe these mutations are all related to the BOP1 gene.
    This article may be of interest to you.
    BLADE-ON-PETIOLE 1 gene controls leaf pattern formation through the modulation of meristematic activity in Arabidopsis
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