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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Lycanthropy, May 4, 2004.

  1. Hey everyone. Well, it seems that, in my latest attempt at cloning, I've come across a clone that is unlike any I've ever seen. We have all seen the typical plant with two nodes, either staggered on the stem or on the opposite sides of the stem. Not this little lady.

    She's made it quite clear to me that she wishes to grow three fan leaves/nodes instead of the regular two. Has anyone heard of/seen this before? And, if my theory is correct, wouldn't it technically produce more than a normal plant with two nodes and not three?

    Attached (if it works, that is..) is a crappy picture that gets the basic idea across. Sorry for the lack of artistic skill--I'm not much of a computer graphics engineer dude.

    To sweeten the deal, the clone came off of one particular lady that has shown a great number of pistils after only one week of 12/12 under a 250w HPS. I hope to keep this one going for a while.


    (Edit: The brown block at the bottom of the picture was supposed to represent rockwool. Bleh. It kinda works..)

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  2. clones do have staggerd nodes most of the time.
    its unlikly your clone will out perform the mother as it is in effect the same plant.
    some polypolidaty (multi branching) can happen on any branch of any plant, it doesnt tend to carry the trait on tho.
    you might be lucky and this may carry on till flowering, nice when it happens. but dont get your hopes up as it tends to grow out as fast as it came.

  3. That's what I was thinking as well. As far as root space and/or growing conditions, as soon as these clones are stable and rooted, the three (out of eight) strongest will be moving into a DWC setup under a 250w MH.

    Right now, the eight ladies are sitting under a 30w cool white fluorescent light.


  4. I beg to differ. Every plant that I've put under the MH so far have become short, stalky beasts of mj plants.

    I know for a fact that 16k lumens will be plenty of light to nurture three plants, as it's worked very well for six before.

  5. Sorry about sounding like an asshole up there. ^

    I know that the conversion isn't the best, but the blue-ish color of MH lights during the vegging stage compensates quite adequately.

    Naturally, they thrive under the 130 lumens per watt of HPS light during flowering, so that stage is no problem.

    I've got a question.. When using rooting hormones and rockwool, on average, how long does it take before clones begin rooting?

    About my older plants.. The two that are 5 1/2 weeks into flowering have some huge-assed buds on them. What I'm wondering is, how can I tell when to harvest without a 30x-70x magnifying loupe?

    Any help would be appreciated!

  6. Bannanas are picked green, because they ripen after they are picked. does mj?
  7. technically it degrades. if your talking about cureing then thats just drying while minimising the decay.

    ..........some would argue mj only fully matures when these receptors are 'engaged' and consummation takes place.........

    id like to argue about this. technically the fruit of a mj plant is its seeds not thc.

    @lycanthropy.. dont worry to much about colour of the trich's. i dont know what your growing but some strains still have clear trich's long after they are ready so with those plants you have to go by hair colour, you dont need a loupe for that.

    if for some reason you cant go by hair colour (maybe a fert or ph or temp prob has turned the hair colour to soon) then its a case of guessing.

    go by overall health of the plant, lack of new bud growth, stuff like that.
  8. mj was making thc long before we learned to smoke it. and its only been in the last few years that the main crop has been thc, before then it was growen by man for hemp for rope, paper, fuel, seeds for grain and oil, leaf for animal feed etc. infact hemp paper is still used in making money. as in printing on it not selling dope.

    i find it ironic you talk about sensimillia becuse 1 possable theroy as to why mj has thc is to help pollonation. theres a lot more to this plant than the sticky stuff you scrape off the leaf to make you feel funny.
  9. I just want it to be known that, here, in my stoned stupor, I admit that I am genuinely lost.

    Oh well. At least I'm stoned for the trip.


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