Must this be low weed tolerance? HELP

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  1. Alright, I was invited by a good friend of mine to his hotbox with a few other stoners, I gladly accepted the invitation. As I walked into the household the hotbox was already in commence upstairs, As I creaked open that door I was already buzzed from the potent odour of NYC sour diesel. I sit down with everyone after a short introduction and they pass on a beautiful expensive Toro glass bong and I take a massive hit of the potent hash herb. I felt so medicated and relaxed until I went over my limits it seems, 6 or more bong rips later I freakout as everyone in the room was incredibly stoned or still toking. I tried to ignore the bad experience from smoking too much too fast. A few hours later, I calm down after the hotbox was aired out and we were all talking about new and/or good music to give a listen. Apart from having that sickening bad experience it was honestly a great time with the lads. Anyways! The day after the bong session I had the tendency to medicate myself with a bowl of my homegrown, I hit and a few minutes later I have this terrible anxiety attack almost enough to make me sweat and call a friend in distress. If anyone could relate or give me an answer why this is happening currently with my tolerance levels or constant random bad experiences as of this week it would be greatly appreciated! Sorry for any typos or improper placements in the short story above :(
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    OK...who wants to point out the obvious...
    this shit is getting old....
  3. You're not ment to over do it, abuse the herb and it will fuck you up.
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    This is the growing section, for post about growing. The beginner smokers section can be found here:

    And honestly, panic attacks and anxiety issues are 99% mental. Sounds like you have issues triggered by marijuana use. Smoking isnt for everyone.
  5. lmao anxiety attack from marijuana? are you SURE you're smoking cannabis; I use the herb to RELIEVE anxiety.

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