MUST SEE: The trippiest music video ever made

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  1. So my friend showed this video to me after I had smoked a couple bowls and swallowed a little piece of paper...I gotta say it is something else!

    Toke a bowl and watch this shit with the speakers cranked up. 'Twill blow your mind :smoke:
    [ame=""]YouTube - Blockhead - The Music Scene[/ame]
  2. Damn, nobody has anything to say about this? Is it not the trippiest thing ever?
  3. It's alright...nothing too amazing.
    The song kinda kills it for me.
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    Dude, I've been watching Yellow SUbmarine practically daily for the last couple of months since my daughter found it. She's 4. I think I'm raising a hippie child.

    I started to watch your video, but I'm watching YS again. I'll check it out after

    EDIT: Wow, actually quite nice, pretty cool. Thanks for sharing, I do like.
  5. absolutely mind blowing!

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