Must re-log-in at each page change..

Discussion in 'New Forum Upgrade Bug Tracker' started by BrassNwood, Mar 2, 2016.

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  1. Getting tired of logging in at every page...
    Besides loosing my avatar like it seems to every time you guys upgrade now it's not remembering where it got the last picture I just posted and I have to start at the top of the tree.. Hunt down C: and all the lower folders for each picture..

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  2. Can tou please note your browser?
  3. Laptop computer. Windows7 Internet explorer ver.11
  4. i don't have to have log in every page but if i close my browser i have to log in even though i checked "stay logged in"
    i'm on PC using firefox
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  5. Safari 9.0.3
    Firefox 44.0.2

    ETA: Just tested - I have to log in again if I close my browser, even though I selected the box to stay logged in.
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  6. Mine was doing this but isn't anymore....
    running Safari 9.0.3 on my laptop
  7. failed logins, multiple relogins, stay logged in doesn't work if I close browser
    win7 64bit Chrome browser
  8. its still happening to me when i use bookmarks in my browser.

    firefox44.0.2 , pc windows 10.
  9. Can you guys please try clearing your cookies . that usually relates to cookie issues.

    Hello ,

    Please make sure your bookmark has https version of the link. If you try to visit non SSL link that will clear your cookie.

    This is a temporary issue , once new iOS application is released , we will redirect non ssl urls to ssl links to prevent this issue happening.
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  10. this fixed the issue for me
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  11. I see that you have a broken character in your username , If you have any preference for us to update , please feel free to contact me via Conversation so i can correct this for you quickly.
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  12. Just tried this on my phone and laptop, didn't work. Cleared cache as well.

    Laptop: Windows Vista, using Chrome version 49.0.2623.75 m

    Phone: Samsung galaxy s5, running 5.1.1 lollipop, using:

  13. i have the same problem. i did not know my name had bad characters in it and it reverted to my login name. i would have changed it before but did not realize those characters counted as unique
    can i PM you too?
  14. Sure :)
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  15. Likewise. Additionally, if you click on the 'Log In' icon and go to the dedicated page, enter your log in details and submit, you are then reverted to the main page without being logged in.

    Using Win 7, Chrome version 48.0.2564.116 m
  16. We will investigate these further, thanks for your detailed report
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  17. In case anyone having this issue didn't see this, it fixed it for me so far.

    I was just using my regular bookmark all day and had to log in probably 20 times. Tried the https version and haven't had to log in again since. :coolalt:
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  18. Just tried this on both my laptop and phone, after clearing cache and cookies as well. It works! :thumbsup:
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