Must prepare.

Discussion in 'General' started by JRilla, Jul 12, 2004.

  1. When about to smoke some sweet maryjane when your parents are no more then 10 feet from you, you most prepare before the smoke. :)

    - Two lit candles. Check.
    - Bottle of Orange Juice (I got nothing else in the house :\). Check.
    - Bag of Salsa Doritos. Check. :D
    - Pipe. Check.
    - Weed. Check.
    - BBQ Lighter because im to lazy to go out and get a regular lighter because my others broke.. Check.
    - Headphones for easy listening while folks are asleep. Check.
    - Window Opened. Check.

    When I smoke alone, in my house, I like to prepare. I dont want to be lit off my ass walking to the kitchen to get some food, then being scared shitless cause I thought I heard my parents wake up or something. I gather my tools of the trade, lock the door, and enjoy my night.

    So, in about 30 min, im gonna spark up a nice bowl to my fellow mates here in the City.

    Toke on all, toke on. :)
  2. yes, toke on. i do pretty much the same thing. but not to hide it from my parents, but to hide it from my little snitch brother. i do pretty much the same thing. but i use a fan that pulls air directly out the window, otherwise my room smells for a day or so. my mom got it free because shes a manicurist, but i think they are like 20 bucks at wal-mart. good investment, especially if your parents dont know. just tell them it keeps your room cooler. hey, it's summer time. toke on
  3. Toke up man! Hell yea. Im gonna have to get me one. Thanks for the info.

    For all those who is blazing tonight, woo! :D
  4. I know what ya mean about preparing. I hate walkin past my parents room to get food when I get the munchies. They don't care that I toke but they tend to freak me out, and they lecture me if I smoke inside (too cold sometimes) which is never fun while high.
  5. man i hate smokin outside. my mom used to make me smoke in the shed outside. it was kinda cool when i toked with this girl. we had a candle, and it was cold so we were tokin and holdin eachother. after i got really high i couldnt hear what she was saying, and i was really focused on her lips, so i kissed her. never smoked out there since, i always do it in my room now. cept on the 4th of july,we just partied on the patio. my cop neioghbor was tokin on my pipe and a blunt too. awesome day it was! toke on buds! toke on!
  6. i use to always always smoke and forget to bring food.. i used to prepare like you say you do.. i'd have my chips and pop and other things to entertain me (btw try watching songe bob when ur high and wear 3-D glasses.. the backgrounds are trippy as hell..) i'd hate having to go the kitchen after a good blitz..
  7. heh.. shake is a prick ^
  8. I got a little routine.

    First I get a glass of water or soda or whatever sounds good. Grab some food if I remember (rarely do).

    Go upstairs, close my door, and put blankets under the crack. Lay in bed, open the window, and pack the pipe. Throw a blanket over my head, light the bowl, inhale, exhale out the window. Repeat until high enough.

    Sit back, lay in bed, watch tunes or cruise the City.

    Then try and remember to move the blankets before going to bed.
  9. Here's what I do.

    Go get a bottle of water.

    Go in my room and close the door.

    Turn on my air cleaner.

    Pack my bowl and smoke for as long as
    I want because my folks don't care if i
    smoke in my room.

    Having understanding parents is key
    here. They're even letting me grow.

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