Must-Haves for Guys And Girls

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  1. Must - have lists for what you must have in a girlfriend/boyfriend

    420 Friendly, Pretty face, can have a deep conversation without saying "whoaa man" or "yeaa furreaaaaalll" as a filler,
    1 of the following: nice tits ass or legs
    Good taste in music
  2. I'll take a fat slut that will just fuck me silly!
  3. Whatever floats your boat bro hahaha

    ....or sinks it?
  4. Ill just take a cute chick who I can stand to hold a conversation with without feeling my IQ has been lowered or makes those god awful status updates on facebook
  5. Someone who I can open up emotionally to....

    P.S. I like brown chicks. (I'm white lol)

  6. ^ this

    P.S. I like white guys (I'm black)

  7. [ame=]Lois and Bonnie's Kiss - YouTube[/ame]

    touch...touch boob
  8. Has to be attractive enough to get my dick hard (in other words, 6/10 minimum), decent boobs (b cup minimum), has to be mature, which is hard to come by in my age bracket, and has to at least respect my weed usage and not nag about it.
  9. i need a smoker who is smarter than i am and as sexy as i am.

    its not easy to find
  10. For me it's more of what they need to not have.
  11. [quote name='"fuckthecops"']

    ^ this

    P.S. I like white guys (I'm black)[/quote]

    Haha I love the chocolate women. I feel like its easier to hook up with them cause they always call me a cute white boy lol.
  12. She needs to have a (clean) vagina.

    And be a pothead and prefer it to alcohol.

    Must like a variety of music, have decent style, and have dreads.

    The dreads are optional.
  13. Someone who I like and get along with.
  14. If i was choosing the last woman alive?

    black girl with a flat, fit belly and a nice round ass.

    That's all I want anymore.
  15. breathes air and a clean vagina

    me- hi baby do you breath oxygen and have a clean vagina
    her- why yes yes i do
    me- come with me over here
  16. My guy has to be honest, 420 friendly, and taller than me. Simple.
  17. [quote name='"fuckthecops"']

    ^ this

    p.s. I like white guys (i'm black)[/quote]

    ... ;)

  18. lol too bad you're all the way in Florida :rolleyes:
  19. Lately i mostly want a girl that can have a converstation and keep it going, Most girls i been messin with expects the guy to do that %99 percent of the time. Also i need a girl on my level, not a girl thats already parent or has strict parents.

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