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Must haves for a college dorm stoner?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by AdamArmy, Aug 9, 2012.

  1. I'm about to enter college and live in the dorms. I am not going to stop smoking weed anytime soon so what should I bring? They can't go through ur shit unless there is probable cause so I got a safe to hold my illegal goods. I am about to invest in a magic flight launch box. I have really strong spray that will take out any suspicious smells. 40 bucks for bud. Papers. Little one hitter. Eyedrops gum axe. Liquor. Anything else I need?
  2. school grounds you have NO rights what are you saying lol
  3. do you rent your dorm room? Here, you can chose whether to live on campus or not and because your renting it you have got rights - the only time they enter your room is before you leave to make sure you havent trashed the place - not a night went by when a pungeunt smell of weed would float through the corridors... keep it to the nighttime and you shoudl be fine wherever you are :)
  4. Yeaaaah I'd say just get a vape. Seems easier to me.
  5. They can search your stuff any time. Most of the rooms have alarms for any type of smoke. I went to school thinking I could smoke whenever but I was quickly disappointed.
  6. Don't smoke in your dorm room, that's how people get caught. Find a good spot on campus somewhere or go to friend's apartments/houses to smoke.
  7. well lets see, if you have a window open it up put towel underdoor, buy a fan point out window if your really paranoid 2 works better one by the front of the door one by window. inhale exhale out the window the end. maybe invest in some spray no joints or blunts. popcorn work really well at masking the smell make sure to burn it though.
  8. a nice portable vape would be ideal, but water filtered pieces seem to lesson the smell more than dry pieces, air-tight mason jar, ozium spray, eyedrops and backup eyedrops
  9. Your sadly mistaken if you think they cannot search your room without probable cause.
  10. A sploof and a vape
  11. OP, at my school the only time our rooms get searched are if we open the door and police come in (they can't open anything, only in plain view) and they go away if you wait.

    I had been smoking in my room, campus police showed up, knocked on the door and after a while they left.

    Find out the rules for your dorms
  12. make a carbon spoof. get a coke bottle. put holes in the bottom. fill with dryer sheets and activated carbon.... profit

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