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  1. Obviously this is only pertaining to android blades. What apps are a must have for you?? Whether it be bud related, forums, games, everyday apps??
  2. Leafly if you want info on strains and cannabis news. BTD battles is a great online free app. Buycott is also a great app if you want to avoid companies who use gmos, test on animals etc.
  3. Pirate Bay Browser
    Bittorrent Pro
    Private Internet Access app
    VLC Player
    Reddit Widget (good selection of world news and new music right on the home page)
  4. glympse is an everyday app for me.
    you send a "glympse" to your friend that you are driving to and it'll show your friend exactly where you are on a map. No more annoying "Where are you" calls.
    I think all delivery services should have this app.
  5. soundcloud

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  6. Evernote (your ideas and notes backed up online)
    Voxer of whatsapp (instant voice)
    Shazam (identifies songs by sound)
  7. Chrome and reddit is fun.
  8. Tower madness...
  9. Evernote, google drive, rar for android, greenify, clean master, chrome remote desktop, opera browser, startup cleaner 2.0
  10. Greenify and permission manager are a few of the reasons why my phone's battery life has doubled.
  11. Emulator's for old school gaming
    Bleacher Report to read news and rumours on my sports teams
    TD bank to check my funds
    Grass city app
  12. Popcorn time and movietube
    Thank me later

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  13. itube. definitely my favorite music app. its just like youtube, but every song you listen to saves. so you dont have to search the song and load it ever again.

    we can sit in a distant haze and watch rain clouds pour thoughts of greatness and help our troubles sail real far away.

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