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    Earlier today I was reading a thread about locking weed up in you'r glovebox, people were saying they need a warrent to look inside you'r glovebox even if they are already searching your car.. So i googled it and I found this site, its a fourm site but for police officers.. Read there posts! Everyone of them thinks the law is diffrent and they don't know the real law!!

    You can search anywhere except the trunk... [Archive] - Real Police: Law Enforcement,Police Officer,Criminal Justice,Background Checks website...

    Its funny as hell reading this, there diffrent threads and on the left side click on the state you live in because of different laws and suchhh
  2. Lol its just funny how unprofessional police really are, they should have every law memorized.. I mean that's there job, dealing with the law, they should know what to do in every situation, dumbasss pigsssssssss
  3. You cant be serious....

    Cops arent stormtroopers, man. They are normal people given some training and a gun. They only know what they need to. Hell I doubt most of them even vote. And do you even have an idea how many laws are out there? There is a reason lawyers are paid out the ass.

    Most cops have good intentions but they aint robots man. Some do deserve our respect. They are just doing their job like we do.
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  4. hmm... I smell bacon

    Lol but on a serious note the words you speak do indeed make since
  5. uhh...aren't the laws different in different states and even counties?
  6. Yes because its so unimaginable to think cops arent the goddamn devil?:rolleyes:
  7. Not all cops are assholes etc.
    Thats like saying all marijuana users are lowlifes.
    It's just a stareotype, am I wrong?

  8. man I've been called out/pulled over many times by cops while high and got away with only a warning or just asked to walk home.. Just goes to show there not all dicks but there will be that one :eek:
  9. Dear lord do I know that...

    Once I was surrounded by cop cars and k-9 units with a warrant for me and my friends arrest, along with weed and pipes in my car all because we get stopped by a parked train and my friend writes on it w window chalk.

    45 min later we all drove away with nothing. No ticket, nothing. We initially got stopped by an off duty sheriff in the county with our warrants. He was hell bent on taking us to jail but he had no legal power there. He called the local PD who let us go with nothing.

  10. Dude have u been arrested before, I mean I know what your saying but once you do get arrested you realize how much you really hate cops. I remember when I was little and I waved to cops because I thought they were really nice good guys, but all they do is fuck people over and fuck with people because they can. They think there better then everyone else because they have powers over us.

  11. Yeah I am, if you could have all that power you should know what you can/can't do with it. Have you ever heard of a singer knowing how to sing a whole song but not knowing one verse? What's the difference. It's there job they should know everything about it. And cops do have to take a test on laws before they pass.
  12. "To cover my butt...I'm calling for a canine. If one is not available, I'll find something to give me probable cause. For all I know, there could be a kidnapped person in the trunk who's life may depend on me finding them. I will get in there."

    jus pulled this from one of theyre replys....dude thats kinda fucked up dont ya think? What if there aint shit in my trunk and i just dont want this asshole looking cause i got pulled over for speeding ? Jus shows they will break the law if they want and do wutever the fuck they want. Cops aint robots but theyre paid for a profession that they should do to theyre best ability. ITS NOT HARD TO BE A COP AND REMEMBER ALL THE IMPORTANT LAWS like this one for instance that pertains to EVERY TIME THEY PULL SOMEONE OVER.

    but I bet that everyone of them know how many decibals your stereo is allowed to be, how dark ur tints are allowed to be and how many feet from your car your exhaust should be heard. I've been pulled over for all three of those in 3 seperate occasions. They only pay attention to stupid shit that they can use to pull your ass over. Where I live the cops spend 90% of theyre time pulling people over cause the crime is so low. That isnt fucking fair. They fuck with people BADDDD on the streets. 2 mph over and your getting pulled! Roll past the white line in the road and your getting pulled! the fuck, PROTECT AND SERRVVEEEEEE SERVE, YOU FUCKING PUBLIC SERVANTS !!! Police are public servants, call a cop that one day and watch him cry

    ok im done :)
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  13. u left out cities/towns. they have their own laws too. that why lawyers have a team of ppl, none work alone
  14. "Being in Customs made it a little long as the vehicle had nexus with the border,( there were surveillances that held the eye on a vehicle from watching it cross the border in AZ to it's culmination in Mid-Michigan) being a Customs officer, you could search WITHOUT a warrant. And by search, I mean go so far as to take an individual to the hospital and have a Dr. look up his/her butt.....without a warrant. In most cases, PC was built in many steps before this was done."

    I'm glad there is cops like this. Why? Because they will get cases thrown out of court. Cavity searches, without a warrant, violate your fourth amendment. Even in jail they cannot give you a cavity search (they can make you squat, or bend and spread your cheeks) but they cannot actually "search" any body cavity without a warrant.
  15. I've been poking around that website you posted and I must say that the majority of the regulars that seem to frequent the site are rather full of themselves and care little about the opinions of anyone who isn't a Law Enforcement Officer.

    If you indulge in a little marijuana here and there you're referred to as a "Doper," you are more likely to carry or use a firearm, and you deserve what ever the man feels like throwing at you because you are breaking the law with illegal drugs that are going to cause harm to yourself and others.

    I myself couldn't give a fuck about the law.

    I'd rather spend my time caring and thinking about what is actually right and wrong and not some bullshit Washington cooked up.

    I realize that all LEOs are not against marijuana users but the vast majority are.

    I am standing firm in the belief that anyone that would gladly take me to jail over what should be considered a house plant would in fact be a god damned devil.
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    They do. But when has a law stopped a person from doing something? *hinthint*

    Miley Cyrus?

    You really need to take a government class....
  17. After reading some of those copper's posts, I'm convinced at least a few of them think they're John McCLane.
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    Around here, the laws are different from cop to cop as well. Cops do what they want when they want. If they wanna pull you over they say you "match the description."
    If they wanna search you they ask a trick question like. " You don't have anything illegal on you or in the car do you?" No you reply. "So then you wouldn't mind if we had a look then." At that moment before you can answer they will begin looking.
    The key is to say no I would like my privacy and I am late getting somewhere. As long as your not on probation they can not legally search your car unless they have probably cause. (which they can also make up if they really want to) All they have to do is write that they smelled bud or saw a baggie etc in the police report..
    Know your rights and never consent to a search. Keep in mind evidence can't be held against you in court if it was obtained illegally. But you have to prove it was obtained illegally. Which can be impossible if its your word against a cops.
  19. i wish there was a rule here on this forum against mentioning LEO's except maybe within the context of a story.

    waaaay too much disrespect when all they are, are human beings like us.

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