must flush the soil.... please help

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  1. hello all!

    i made a silly mistake the other night and gave my plants more nutrients on the second watering since clones transplanted...
    well my RUNOFF water was at >2000PPM .... and as my nutrient mix was only registering as 1000PPM i thought i'd better flush those gits ASAP!!
    i tried it with 2 of the 5½ltr pots and flushed them with 2ltrs water...leaving the run off water to show 1300PPM...

    my question is: whilst plants are on 18/6 cycle, can i open tent and remove pots to flush them when lights are OFF??
    or should i wait till they turn on again??
  2. :wave: Wait until its lights on, best not to mess with them at all during lights out. Good luck
  3. i have the same problem, i think i over fertilized my plants and the soil is wet now, and my plants start showing indications about over fertilizing.

    my plants are 4 weeks old. what to do now? flush the plants with water? but the soil is wet!?

  4. That is fine. Flush em asap. Then just make sure to let her get good and dry before next water. Just flushed my baby for the last time before harvest! Only a week and a half left on my first grow!

  5. flush
  6. Flush, Flush, Flush!!

    Over watering isn't a one time problem. It's like a syndrome. Not for the plant but for the grower. If you continuously do it, then you may kill the plant. Doing it once won't hurt anything. The plant might start to look a little sad but only for a day or two. She'll bounce right back!! Don't worry.;)
  7. thx guys

    i flushed my plants today.. and waiting for the result hope it will work. for now i can see my plants not growing as they stopped growing. is it wrong or right?

  8. They won't like it at first, but as the soil starts to dry they will bounce right back. Like I said,"The plant might start to look a little sad but only for a day or two".

    Good Luck!:wave:
  9. Flush it. Do not stop trying. I knew for sure that I had killed 1 of 2 plants by over nuting but dang if she didn't claw her way back. 75 % of my leafs had big time leaf claw the first time I used Adv Nut Big Bud 1-17-38. Good luck.

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