Must Be Genetics

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by op8man, Sep 8, 2007.

  1. I received some white widow seeds last year from Amsterdam seeds. As they were growing I took clones and 12/12 them. Established the mommies, threw out the males and moved on. I let the clones grow out and they were pretty covered with trichomes. I wasn't that happy with the strength though. My mommies eventually were in full preflower. Now every single time I take a clone it stunts out and continues to go further into flower. I'm thinking theres some autoflowering strain there somewhere. Every clone I take from my strawberry kush and Aurora indica root out fine. The ones I take from the widow, root out but the growth mainly is bud production. The mothers never seen darkness. They were at 24 ever since they sprouted from seed. What do you guys think.

    Secondly, I had an issue with lock up and flushed my hydro unit. My plants were only a couple weeks from harvest. The leaves turned light green and some of the hairs turned brown.....maybe 5%. I'm not seeing the trichome production that the other clones had. They are in week 6-7 and I am wondering if you guys think that they can recover and still produce the trichomes on leaves that are slightly yellow or if i am pissing in the wind. Most strains I have grown have pretty good production by now. What do you guys think ?

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