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  1. so I sittin here playing my geetar, and I start woundering if theirs any other guitarists or musicians in general in here.
  2. yeah man, guitar is the only thing in my life i take seriously.
  3. ive been playing guitar for over 8 years, but right now im focused on electronic production/playing. been doing alot of work with my synths and a lot of stuff with my drum pad, which has almost become my new instrument of choice. i can play pretty much anything if given time to practice and teach myself. ive been playing drums, bass, guitar and keys/piano for most of my life in some way or another, have been playing guitar for the last 8 but my skill is shared mostly between guitar and drums.
  4. Guitar is probably my favorite instrument, I like electrics, and acoustics too though, I guess I like them all haha. But yes, I play for at least an hour or two a day, sometimes just makin shit up. I wouldnt really consider myself a "musician" But I do like creating art.
  5. Yah man I play, too. Been about a year and a half, I discovered it late :( I fucking love it. I mean I love it. Music is the centre, the axis, of my life, so playing guitar has become a natural extension to that.
  6. been playing guitar for 5 years and loving it.
    i've got a thread up with pictures of my guitar in it, and some buds too :smoking:. here's a link:
    My Guitar

    i play electric mostly, but i have an acoustic too and love it almost as much as my electric.

    edit: us guitarists are far too common a breed lol
  7. been playing for a few years. whati wanna do is incorporate it into my electronic music... (Acidmaus)
  8. definitely... guitar, drums, and bass.
  9. Damn thats a sexy guitar. What a sweet, excusing the pun, blues guitar.

    And yes, there are LOTS of us. We could take over the world!

    /e: Posted some pics in your thread, hope you don't mind :)
  10. I played guitars (electric, acoustic, electric-acoustic) for about 4 years, and stopped like 3 years ago. Starting to save up to buy a new guitar to play again, I've had the itch to play for about a month now, i just dont have a damn guitar... yet
  11. guitarist here, like to play both electric and acoustic... o yeah i like to play bass too.
  12. Been playing guitar for over 5 years now. Really just a hobby. Everyone plays guitar these days though so no big deal.
  13. Been drummin for uhh... 8-9 years now if I remember correctly, don't really keep track.

    only pic I have of my set is an old one, but my set really hasn't changed since.

    Pearl Session Custom (blue to black fade coloring)
    Zildjian ZXT cymbals, and an extra ZBT crash.

  14. i also play guitar

    and piano, clarinet, trumpet, french horn, and a smidge of drums
  15. been playin guitar for the past 9 years, i also play piano, violin, drums, and didgeredoo. gettin an mbox 2 pretty soon so i can start recording.
  16. Rather than start a new thread, I thought I'd post here:


    When you play your respective instruments stoned, do you find it easier or harder to keep rythme / keep in the groove ? Typically for me songs and licks I know well I'll be able to nail but pieces I know less well (those I am learning) I find it a lot harder than when I'm sober. I'm relatively new to guitar (1 1/2 year) so it might be attributed to me not being 100% familiar with the instrument yet.

    Curious to see how it is for you guys?
  17. It's more fun to play stoned, but easier to concentrate when sober.

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