Musicians, What Kinda Gear Do You Have?

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  1. Im just curious to what kinda gear everyone on here uses, Guitar/Bass/Keyboard/Drums it's all good, post pictures if you have them. Here's my gear list.


    -`96 Ibanez RX20L (Black)
    - Epiphone Les Paul 100 (Black)
    - Peavey Raptor Plus (right to left converted) (Black)
    - Yamaha FG-412LH Acoustic (Natural)
    - Squire/Fender P-Bass Special (3 color sunburst)


    - Fender Princeton 65 (main guitar amp)
    - Peavey Rage 158 (New school red/black) (Practice)
    - Peavey Blazer 158 (old school grey/black) (Practice)
    - Univox U-30 Bass "Head"
    - Darius 1x15 "Cab"


    - Dunlop GCB-95 Crybaby Wah
    - Boss TU-2 Tuner
    - Digitech Synth Wah Envelope Filter/Synth
    - Boss MT-2 Metal Zone Distortion
    - DOD Juice Box Overdrive
    - Boss GE-7 7 Band EQ
    - Ibanez PH7 Phaser
    - Ibanez CF7 Chorus/Flanger/Ring Mod
    - Boss DD-3 Digital Delay
    - Boss Tr-2 Tremolo
    - Digitech Multi Chorus


    - Yamaha PSR-292 61-Key Electric Keyboard
    - Sennheiser Cordless Headphones

    Pics of my gear:

    That's all of it, the pictures are a little outta date, the peavey guitar, peavey rage, DOD juice box aren't in the pics, though Ill update as soon as I get time.

  2. Well, I dont have close to the amount your have

    I have
    -electric guitar (fernandez) all black
    -acoustic guitar
    -guitar pedal (Zoom 505II) which I plug into my computer so i dont need an amp
  3. You got rich parents or what? 5 amps? Wtf? And as for yer "guitar god"...please send a website with yer band, so we can verify...

    But I got more effect boxes...I'm an addict
  4. No, im not rich, I have been playing for awhile.

    Some things were gifts, I do a lot of trading and selling of guitar stuff so A LOT of it was really great deals, and others were x-mas and things like that.

    and dude if you knew much about guitar you'd realize that 4 outta 5 of those amps are actually very cheap, The Rage 158 sells for 150 NEW, the blazer I got 7 years ago for 100 bucks, the Univox I picked up for 50 bucks and the darius wasn't working so I got it for free and modded it for use as being a cab.

    and I got my Princeton 65 for only 230 bucks canadian so, no im not rich I know how to shop and get my money's worth in gear.

    And No, I dont have a band, because of my area, but im working on it, I have been playing for 4 years all self taught in reality 7 years but there was a 3 year period where It was laying dorment from a big move.

    the guitar god comment might be going a little far, im no Vai or malmsteen, but I don't care im more of a slowhand player, and I like to utilize my effects good.

    So list your gear dude, and give pics if possible, I love looking at gear.

    I'll have updated pics of my stuff really soon, probably tonight cause im bring my bong home to take pics too.

  5. Dude, do you read yer own posts?

    No was the "guitar god" that made me react...that's why I gave you this start...I've been playing for 18 years and there's one thing in common about guitar players...they like to brag. And if some dude comes along with loads of stuff and an attitude...they're usually full of shit. But don't take this the wrong way...I haven't judged you yet.

    You prolly know the old joke?: How many guitar players does it take to replace a light bulb?

    50......1 to replace it and 49 who say they'd done it better

    Toke on

    Rock on
  6. thats supposed to say "little while" and being self taught, doesn't mean im a bad player, I consider myself fairly good, though I prefer to be a rhythm player over lead.

    Attitude eh? what are you talking about lippy larry :p. But anyways, what kinda gear you got?
  7. Hah...a while and a little while...that's a difference, innit?

    And who ya callin' limpy lol. Actually I'm with you on the slowhand thing. Never could play too fast. But then again...David Gilmore can't, either...

    I got a Fender Strat 40. anniversary. A Fender Coronado from '68 (hell the guitar is older than me) and a Fender Twin Reverb.

    I used to think effect boxes are overrated and a fuzz and a wah is all you need. Now I play different kind of music and I'm totally addicted to them boxes. Whenever I see summin weird, I have to test it. And the weirder, the more likely it's I'm gonna buy it.

    Ah and I have a Cort bass

  8. The next Jim carrey right here ^

    But skinner, what kinda stomp's do you got, Id love to see pics, I love gear pics I collect them, and I love the Twins, some of the best clean sounds out there.
  9. lol on the radio comment... o_O

    Anyways, I just got a drum set for free about a month ago. I love drums and have wanted to play them forever, but right now there isn't really any place for me to set them up. I am currently getting drum lessons tho :) I have a 7 piece Premier set, it's red and a very small set up. But it works for me I guess. It's only single pedal but I'm working on getting double pedal and some nice cymbols sometime soon I hope. That is really about all I can say, I just love music and hope to make a career out of it someday, or at least have alot of fun!
  10. Sorry, man...don't have a digital camera...I'll send some pics if I get to borrow one...but here's the list (all I can think of now...I'm not home, so it's prolly incomplete):

    Vox Wah
    Ibanez Tube Screamer
    Ibanez Phaser
    Danelectro Danecho (Delay)
    Danelectro Hash Browns (Flanger, bought it for the name,lol)
    Danelectro Talk Box
    Music Man Volume pedal
    Gollmer CompoSus (compressor/sustain)
    Gollmer 70's tremolo
    Boss Metal Zone
    Peavey Dirty Dog (my all time favourite fuzzbox. 2 sounds and I found it in some box somewhere, got it for 80$)
    Digitech Reverb
    Digitech Talker (wicked talk box with endless opportunities)
    And a Bass Copmressor

    That's all I can think of now
  11. good stuff, is the digitech reverb the x series or the XP series reverberator?
  12. I run with a 8 piece pearl set. I also have a Acustic guitar. I am by no means a guitar god but I know how to play. I mostly just keep the guitar in my bedroom because late at night I will think of something and need to get it down. And I cant play my drums all night because of my neigbors.
  13. epiphone les paul red sunburst
    crate 4x12 cab and 120 watt head (seriously, as small as a lunchbox)

    the amp doesn't really get loud enough to play a small venue show unless i hook it up with my friend's crate 4x12, and the full stack gets me right about where i like to be. i play in a four piece hardcore/punk rock band from va called Slaughterhouse Five. yes we have mp3s but i dont know where the hell they are anymore, if you are really interested in a demo pm me, i can mail them to you for free
  14. Guitars-
    -Fender American Deluxe Jazz Bass (5string)
    -some old Cort Action 5
    -Fender p-bass fitted with Seymour Duncan 1/4lb Bassline pickups and Raven labs active pbass electronics
    -somehow i ended up with an Ibanez RG 7string of some sort.
    -a really sweet Ovation acoustic.

    -Crate bx100
    -Crate gx15
    -Hartke b30

    ...and i nave a Digitech bp200 but i never use it.

    heres me and my jazz. dunno why he took a picture me adjusting the volume tho....

    Attached Files:

  15. drums
    6 piece tama starcalssic performer
    12", 13", 16", 18" toms
    iron cobra db pedals
    14", 17", and 3 18" crashes, 16" china, 20" ride
    ahead lars ulrich model sticks

    then i have a 7 piece double bass swingstar kit too but not as cool as the starclassics
  16. All I got, had my Fender Strat forever, custom middle pickup. The black Takamine is 6 months old, its a great guitar. Just a little marshall practice amp, and theres a blues driver back there. Works for me!

  17. SP-404 Sampler
    2 Ion Turntables & Mixer
    O2 USB Midi Controller (Keyboard)
    M-Audio FastTrack Pro (Audio Interface)
    Audio Technica Condenser Microphone
    Logic Pro 8

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