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  1. Ever wonder what the true element to music is?
    Imagine it with me: It's our everyday life events; our environments; our living conditions.
    It's the tidbits of sound coming from all directions of life, from people, places, objects, and even yourself.
    Being an eye witness, I have seen the change in music and the altercations of everyday small-talk. It is quite disturbing, really.

    From the beginnings of a small timid plant to the workings of beauty of an elderly oak tree;
    Each and every waking day of my life has been devoted to hearing such cacophonic symphonies.
    From soothing and graceful rustling of the wind to the blaring car horns and scraping of tires on pavement;
    Give me a mouth and I would be willing to speak the horrors I have heard during this revolution of music.

    To us, we have stopped to listen and empathized for millenia.
    To you, you have just realized how fast your infectious strain of humanity has conquered the longitudes and latitudes of the Earth.
    To become a tree-hugger, go hug a tree.

    Have a nice day.

    - The Old Tree
  2. I love this.

    There is no such thing as a not-altered state of consciousness. Anything from a conversation to a burrito can have a great effect on your consciousness, your perception, and your behavior. To think that we have surrounded ourselves with all these "bad" vibes, as you will, seems insane. There are obviously environments that are delightful, but they have been progressively starting to stray more and more from our lives, almost as if we pushed them into hiding. Common artificial environments such as cities, parties, schools, etc. suppress learning, suppress the potential delightfulness of an environment. Who wants to learn in jail rather than learn in nature? I think the environment has a ton to do with one's motivation and inspiration to learn, and the way humanity has gone about that seemed to be in spite of our best interests. Encourage growth, encourage positivity, encourage other's to open themselves and explore rather than ban this, ban that, put norms on things, act this way and be like this. The whole thing exemplifies an act of insanity, an insanity that everyone is born into and only an insanity that some are fortunate enough to bypass. We have done it to ourselves, and only we can undo it. We must return to authentic environments, authentic communities and authentic styles of living. We cannot perpetuate this system of maddened madness. Step outside the taboos, step outside the common ways of thinking, step outside what is expected of you and open yourself up to this world of infinite possibilities, a world that once you get the right idea you will be able to navigate with ease. Creativity is no longer common found, intelligence no longer boundless. Instead, each and all was put into chains, was restricted by our very own selves. Was it an act of terror? An act of fear that we might actually be able to elevate this world beyond itself through the means of art? I mean, why the sudden attachment to uninterested ways? I thought this was a world for the people, not one that rapes them of their freedom, suppresses them of their rights. The music is playing but the people are too busy looking at advertisements, acting no better than uneducated 2 year olds.

    This whole thing is a burden, a weight that each of us will have to carry, many carry it unknowingly, but it is a burden that can be transcended by the fortunate few. Hear the wind whistle and the trees sigh as they watch us tear this whole place a part. Hear the pigeons cry and the world weep as we leave no mercy on ourselves. An act of insanity has been integrated too deep to get everyone out of it, the only hope is to get yourself out. Stop living to impress others, stop living to follow other's rules. Live for yourself, do what you want, share what you can. Teach what you can and help out with whatever you can, but remain true to yourself all the while. That is all that you can do now anyways. Who knows, maybe the world will loop itself out and surprise us all, but that is all rooted in what we do.
  3. Thanks YEM!

    Once again you have inspired me with your deep knowledge into my insights. :)
    There was a lot of truth in what you said about our environments affecting our learning. I have found in the past 10 years or so, an extremely harsh effect on my learning capabilities. The noise pollution has deterred my motivation to succeed in teaching others.

    I've just recently had an interest in empathizing for nature's greatest wells of knowledge. I also intend on writing more of these so that people can be more understanding of the flawed nature that is within most of us. :p
  4. ditto. nature is the greatest school one can attend.

    looking forward to hear more from you, it inspires me as well. :)

  5. What about Harvard? There post-graduation employment rates have to be very high.
  6. There is a difference between learning spiritual lessons and having yourself be carved from a block of wood into a tool to be used by companies and corporations.

  7. Music is string theory. We resonate towards similar vibrations and create likeness, creativity, oneness. This harmonious composition is composed by none other but our nature. Our self. Within this harmony do we found joy and relativity, transcendent of words and epitomes an essence rises from our soul and feeling is born. Connection is made. Love is created. This is why music connects us all from the artist to the listener. Soul food and a soul appetite and our hunger is love with a bib around its neck. This is the love within we share and like YEM eloquently pointed out the perspective we all share at birth is being clouded with unnecessary choices and decisions deemed necessary because of the weakness of ourselves and others. This is why communication between everyone and everything is very important for understanding without it we are no more than the perception of what we observe and in life this is what we desperately try to avoid whether it be substituting the problem with another one or dedicating yourself to the path of the straight and narrow. With headphones over your ears banging your favorite tune

  8. That was a joke man:wave:
  9. im cursed with tupac biggie and lilwayne
  10. i think rap makes the most sense to me
  11. the true element of music is in the eye of the beholder.
  12. cough*ears*cough
  13. lmao makes sense
  14. beauty is in the eye of the beholder, lol
    so ya music is. i love it
  15. Yeah man, I got it. I actually picked up the tone and stuff too; I giggled inside. :p

    Ah, the music of words. (If you look at it, all noise included in silence, including silence, is music.)

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