Musical guilty pleasures?

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by Electric Wizard, Aug 27, 2008.

  1. Dont think there's a thread for this...

    post/discuss any niche genres/artists that not many people you know (other than you) listen to (or play)...

    for me, it's instrumental surf. the challengers, the ventures, the tornadoes, etc...
  2. LOVE love love the ventures!

    but my 'guilty' pleasure, isnt an unknown artist by any means. but once in the while, usually on a social occasion where im entertaining guests, i like to put on some michael jackson. i mean, he is the king of pop. and the little boys love him, or vice versa, im not sure.
  3. jackson 5 and michael are not anything to be embarrased about haha.
  4. Maroon 5 lol such a good funk pop jam band, its so catchy, you cant help but like it. :smoking: Mainly girls tend to like this band solely because they think the lead singer is really attractive, they are pretty musically talented though haha or at least catchy, sort of like Hanson's Mmm Bop. No one even dare to pretend they didn't like that song back in the day hahahaha
  5. Barry Manilow, Ha my mom got me hooked on this stuff one vacation where we listened to his cd and a couple others of the same genre. His songs are just really catchy and upbeet

    Barry Manilow - Copacabana

    Regis Philbman, Yep ha ha, he sings too, and hes actually pretty good. My mom took me to one of his shows a few years ago when i was in Atlantic City NJ. He surpsised the hell out of me

    Anything by Louis Armstrong

    Louis Armstrong - Pennis From Heaven
  6. Eminem :eek: I'm big on lyrics but hate the guns, rims and bitches side of rap, and he shies away from that for the most part and has some depth to his newer songs.
  7. My guilty music pleasure is Journey.

    Anyway you want it that's the way I need it anyway you waaaaant it
    doo doo doo doo doo doo doo!


    Oh and Twisted Sister
    Tell me not to play but all I gotta say to you is time and time again I say no!
    no no no

    awesome :D
  8. Michael McDonald

    "What a fool belieeeeeeves.... can you seeeeeeee? no wise man has the power"
  9. Don't really have a guilty pleasure, I'm proud of the music I listen to :)

    I would just have to say that jungle/drum'n'bass is probably the more misunderstood music that I listen to...either that or Meshuggah :confused:
  10. probably Sade. . .

    but i aint ashamed to admit it.

  11. sade is a guilty pleasure:eek:??nono...i listen to sade almost everyday...
  12. hah
    probably Rusted Root or Jamiroquai

    I blame an attractive girl I used to hang out with.
  13. My friends and I used to cover Virtual Insanity, always would make the crowd go crazy hahah
  14. Nerdcore

    Elevator Music

    Weird Skas
  15. i saw rusted root, never having listened to them before. smoked in the crowd and everything. surrounded by hippies.
  16. Woah woah woah, journey is not guilty pleasure, they're fuckin legendary, thay're awesome! Twisted sister on the other hand... they kinda fell into the 80's glam shit a little too much. don't get me wrong, i love them but i can see the guilty pleasure in that.

    sadly i would have to say my two artists would have to be Colbie Caillat and Sarah Bareilles. For some reason i really like Bubbly and Love Song but i always feel really gay when driving around and catch myself singing all the words lol

    My guilty pleasure is hair metal. It's so bad, but it's so good.

    I mean,
    Cum on Feel the Noize?

  18. all the tracks on the Vice City rock station were pure gold
  19. oh man, you have got to be kidding here...
  20. I know, right?

    I'd like to pack a bowl with LAZLOW.

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