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Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by FuzzRoyal, Apr 15, 2004.

  1. Hello,Second Forum of tonight:

    As a bassist,guitarist, & builder of vintage analog effects devices for years,i thought I'd share some info with others to whom guitar/bass/ & just-about-all recorded sound timbres are of super-importance:

    If you're into building (or learning how to build)your own very unique effects devices,try these sites:

    If you're into buying (& finding out about) the most up to date designer effects devices,try:, and browse the daylights out of their "pedals" section.....Wow.

    If you've got the $$$ (and they can be $$$$) to go after original vintage effects,that'd be:


    Love to hear about people starting new neo-psych,power pop,garage rock bands.

    Cheers,Electric Dreams,

  2. Oh man, I love you. Gonna check those out. I used to think a fuzzbox an a wah-wah should be enough for any musician. I was young and naive.
    Now I'm totally addicted to my boxes. I just keep buying more and more. Just bought a Digitech Talker. 's like a talk box or a guitar-controlled auto-tune. Fuck this box is funny...
  3. Yeah - when I TRY to get ready to build my custom pedalboard,I always keep wondering how to fit all on!!

    I'm using a radio shack,9V,800ma, power adaptor,then parallelling it to power all the can build a line to each pedal with radio shack connectors on the ends of ordinary speaker wire...saves $$ - those custom boards are big $$$ ,and you get only minimal pedal space - I'd rather build my own!!!

    It took me months,but I finally learned how to program my Zoom GFX707 guitar multieffects pedal...the most mindblowing FX on that thing are,I think,the pitch shifts...

    I've set one to add a note 7 steps below the note played,one 7 steps above, & one 5 steps above ,for 7ths above,below ,& a 5th above. Plus,you have the option to add pedal controlled DELAY on any of the GFX pre -sets - you can go off into echoland any time you want. All for $150. 2 years ago,not bad,not bad.

    Remember Jimi on "Little Miss Strange" off Ladyland? The 5th above settingcomes very close,if the fuzztone is a sizzler.

    These settings,when I use them with one of the custom fuzzes i built from those sites,sound like Cosmic Medieval Hailing Horns moving across the sky. It's got to be one of my favorite effects. Can't wait to use it live.

    Anyone who digs adding some Medieval -type sounds to any Gothtype songs these presets are a good way.
  4. But,sometimes,you want to RETURN to just a fuzz & a wah .....or even just some distortion or preamp's like returning to basics every now & then.

    Sometimes,I dig just playing w a clean preamp -
  5. I do. In my rock band it's fuzzbox 'n wah. And I just started a Jazz project. One guitar, one cable and an amp. No earplugs when we rehearse. Splendid.

    But on my 3. project I try to make my guitar sound as little guitar as possible. That's where my addiction comes in.

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