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  1. hey guys, i got nice eighth last night, and well i decided to smoke today about a half hour ago, and yah im feeling pretty good, but i was wondering, like right know im chillen in my room and i have some Slightly Stoopid just as loud as my speakers will possibly go, and i have have surrond sound in my room so its tight, but i was wondering, what kind of music is your favorite when your totally baked and just mellowing out?:smoking:
  2. this topic is already in the music section of the GCF dude.
  3. jazz (coltrane, parker, gillespie, basie)
  4. First off, welcome to GC!

    There are a lot of different parts to the GrassCity board and one of them is a Music section:

    You will probably find a better response to this question there, but it has been asked here before.

    From your username you probably enjoy OAR. Their live Any Time Now cd is pretty good when your baked, but for me there is nothing like live Phish, especially from 94-98.

    Have fun :D
  5. man i didnt even see that, my bad

  6. well now you know!,..just kidding :D

    its really ok
  7. I love listening to Slightly Stoopid whilst baking my brains out.
    Some other good ones are Tv on the Radio (;)), Deftones & Tool make for a very interesting ride; Ani Difranco and Rasputina are great too...and...yea. :)
    Oh yeah, Welcome to the City!

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