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Do you let your plants listen to music?

  1. yes

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  2. no

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  3. i sing to them myself

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  1. Some people (like myself) talk to their plants or read a magazine while the lights are on. Before I got a hps in the grow room I would leave the radio on 24/7. I'd let my babies listen to mostly 2Pac and Biggie but then I figured they might turn out to be some ghetto shwag. Then I changed it to Sublime and then after that the Bob Marley Legend cd. If any, what little habits have you adapted while maintaining your plants? What music do you play for them? For people who haven't got addicted to horticulture, what have you been listening to lately while you toke?
  2. I have no garden at this moment. But I do sing to my cat all the time, and talk to him. He also likes mellow music as opposed to loud/lively music. He enjoys Pink Floyd, he does even like the slow Led Zeppelin songs. He likes the Dead, Phish, and he even likes to listen to a little CCR when he's in a rambunctious mood. You can tell when he likes music because he rolls onto his back and "smiles."
    He's not really considered a plant, but I believe animals/plants/humans all living things need positive energy such as music in their lives.

    If I were to have a bountiful garden, I would definitely sing to it. Maybe it will one day come true, who knows? Until then, I have an African Violet my kitty likes to terrorize when it blooms. :D
  3. mj grows under the same conditions as african should give it a whirl.:smoke:
  4. No music for the plants at the moment. What would the neighbors think, an overpowerful aroma of skunk and the grateful dead playing along with the lights. =)

    Im with you though ganjaphish my cat will listen to the music and turn her head. =)

  5. Everyone should experience Radiohead's Kid A while stoned. Preferably with good headphones and the volumed cranked up all the way. :D
  6. I'm with you there Alceria. Or Bjork's new album it will trip you out!

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