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  1. What kind of music does everyone like listening to? Id make this a poll but i dont want to limit this to only 10.
    Im into classic rock, my favorite being the beatles.
  2. sublime,doors, anti-flag, pink floyd, unseen, lbda, slightly stoopid, sex pistols, sid vicious, nirvana, rage against the machine, bob marely..................................................
  3. Really getting into Bone Thugs and KMK right now, but I'm up
    for just about anything, from Sarah McLachlan to Slayer.

    I love Music.
  4. mostly hip hop (the 'kind' that people like to title 'underground hip hop' to be more specific. but it's not underground at all. lol.) and 90's rock.
  5. I love punk, especially old '77 and '82 stuff, like Conflict, Broken Bones, Oxymoron, Subhumans, 999, etc. And of course, classic rock like Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, King Crimson, Bob Marley, and Hendrix.

    and journey. journey is the shit.
  6. Anything and everything, anything with a beat.

    My sense of music is always changing, all music is different and unique in its own way.
  7. 2Pac, lots of 2Pac. I also like to listen to everything, good rock, good rap. Sometimes i like to listen to music i never heard, or don't really listen to cause u don't know what to expect from it. One day i was high as hell and i was really liking what was on the channel that has all the TV listings, some jazzy type shit.
  8. Journey was my favorite band for a number of years. They're
    still in my top five alltime bands.
  9. i've never really been into journey
  10. <--------- Them
  11. classic rock,some rap,hardcore metal,mostly if it sounds good to me then i'll listen to it
  12. right now i mostly just listen to screwed rap. if you dont know what this is look up shit on dJ Screw. but i like all kinds of shit like bob marley, company flow, black flag, slayer, peter tosh, high &mighty, circle jerks, so many bands but it's hard to think im blazed
  13. when im high, i listen everything....from SCREWED RAP (see post above) to Neo Soul to metal or country, tho.
  14. Bluegrass, Country, Dixieland Jazz, Pavoratti, Boston pops, Elvis, Johnny Cash and Willy Nelson.

    Anyone else like any of this shit?:smoking:
  15. emo of course, like from first to last, thursday, cursive, pedro the lion, from autumn to ashes, senses fail, hoover, and my one hardcore band everytime i die, check them out
  16. It is all about Pink Floyd my friend, especially on shrooms or acid. You really wanna have a crazy ass trip?? Listen to dark side of the moon while tripping... dont just have it playing...LISTEN to it...crazy...but we have all done that so....I reccomend the above mentioned pshycadelic rockers or Ween, also Phish (obviously), Bob (another obviously), Radiohead (I was skeptic at first, but "There There" rocks when blazed), as well as your own music (THIS IS THE BEST; get blazed and jam on whatever instrument you play, guitar, bass, trumpet, bongos, whatever, and if you can ever remember, try to record it on a tape recorder or on your comp. It will be the best music you ever made, even when sober.) BUT... as we all know... all music sounds freakin awesome when stoned, so... whatever you got is gonna be reeeeeeal goood.
  17. Oh yeah,

  18. mostly "underground hip hop" as callmeherb would put it, but i'll listen to anything that sounds good.

  19. you're
  20. aesop rock, som east coast US indie rapper. Very cool guy. Talks like shakespeare.

    sometimes you wonder if hes actually talking, or if he just looked through a dictionary and picked 5 minutes of the longest words he could find :D

    and then pretty much anything thats on. I like rock.

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