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What music do u like?

  1. Punk/Rock

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  2. Ska/punk

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  3. DANCE

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  4. R & B or Rap

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  5. Pop (sorry for swearing on this last choice)

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  1. What music do you all like... I am a ska/punk man myself.... what about u people?
  2. eome, you need one more choice on your Poll: "None of the above"

    None of the above would have been my choice!
  3. I was meaning to say in the origingal message that if you don't like the above then please tell me what you DO like....
    Thanks for pointing that out to me pop.... [​IMG]

  4. Ditto.

    Classic rock, heavy metal..those are my favorite types.
  5. Im also into ska/punk hehe. What bands do you like?
    I listen to like Reel Big Fish, Catch22, Mustard Plug, NOFX, Me First and ofcourse Sublime :)
  6. ditto stonygurl
  7. Skip all of those choices and put me down for the classic rock like the old stones, styx, meatloaf, doors etc...
    Incidentally if any of you get the chance you should check out a Canadian band called The Tea Party. Nice stuff to trip out on. Makes me think of how the doors would have sounded today if Jim Morrison hadn't died

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