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  1. this is the type of music I love the most it's so chill and calming, it's great for any mood. If you're mad it calms you, if you're sad it cheers you up. If you're happy it makes you in an even better mood. It's great for thinking or homework. I would just put headphones on and listen all the way through. It's gotten me through bad, good, boring, etc. days. 

  2. This song makes me happy

    and the girl is cute
  3. Sex Pistols
    Billy idol 
    The Offspring
    Dead Kennedies
    Iggy pop
    Black Sabbath.
    Motley Crew
    Sum 41
    bouncing souls
    blink 182
    jimmy eat world
    Jane's Addiction
    Beasty Boys
    strawberry alarm clock
    and so on and so forth.
  4. Am I the only one who has great difficulty in listening to music which does not have words?.. I like SOME instrumental music, but can't stand 95% of it. But it's not all about me, so if you enjoy it, listen to it all day my friend! :)
  5. I actually agree. without vocals a song looses its connection with the listener. If the instrumentals are good enough a person can understand the song without vocals, but thats rare
  6. ^^  have you guys ever listened to Classical music?  Like this:

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