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  1. What are the top ten Bob Marley songs?( doesn't need to be in order)

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  2. Misty Morning
    Natural Mystic
    Stiff Necked Fools
    Easy Skankin
    Stir It Up
    One Love
    Three Little Birds
    Get Up, Stand Up
    Rat Race
    So Much Trouble In The World
    ..I could go for days but I know theres more than ten for you there
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    All of them. No? Against the rules? In no order:

    Three Little Birds
    Iron Lion Zion
    I Shot the Sheriff
    One Love
    Who the Cap Fit
    African Herbsman
    Punky Reggae Party
    Buffalo Soldier
  4. Just like to add 'Waiting in Vain', and 'High tide or low tide'. Those two, along with Natural Mystic, are probably my favourites.

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