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  1. im just wondering what kind of music you guys listen to while baked?...... i usally like kottonmouth kings,bone pretty much anythign related to smokeing
  2. Right now i'm really into The Transplants and Rancid. This belongs on the music foums though.

  3. I listen to metal, classic rock (the doors, pink floyd, & the beatles), and underground hip hop.
  4. i have mild Synesthesia with music, so ill listen to anything that isn't scary or loud and sad.

    Mostly Progresive, Trance, Classic rock or Psychedelic.
  5. right now a lot of ...and you will know us by the trail of dead, placebo, and morcheeba but it changes every week....

    oh, and ghostface's new cd.
  6. Sublime an Slightly Stoopid is where its at
  7. Classic Rock and some indie stuff, anything thats chill and mellow really.
  8. in my cd player right now i have frank zappa, traffic, greatful dead and the rolling stones.
  9. Evergreen Terrace really gets me going when I'm baked. Even their cover songs (Writers Block album).

    Rush is also good. "Tom Sawyer" by Rush is great.

    Random metalcore like The Dillinger Escape Plan, The Red Chord.

    Plus the classic stoner bands like Sublime, Radiohead, etc.
  10. Yo I'm feelin some Rammstein and some Beck right now.

    also TMV as in my av.

    Iron Maiden as well.
  11. I love anything when i'm high.

  12. Yep, maybe some culture, black uhuru, and you can't go wrong with tosh and marley. Ooo Yeeaa
  13. gotta love sublime, good to see love for slightly stoopid, atmosphere from minnesota :smoke: the streets from brit-land :smoke: classic like pink floyd oh man could go on forever... :smoke peace
  14. elton john tiny dancer danc er
  15. Same music I always listen to.

    Cypress Hill, KMK, Lil Wayne, Bone Thugs N Harmony, Atmosphere, Metallica, Bob, Ziggy, Damian Marley, Peter Tosh, Ben Harper, Black Uhuru, John Holt, Jimmy Cliff, Beanie Man, Mystic Roots, Tech9ne, David Banner, Chamillionaire, and Birdman.

    Pretty much all rap and reggae.
  16. Last week, me and my buds got really baked then went out to my friends bother's car and listened to his satellite sirius radio. It was the COOLEST thing ever, the music sounded SO FUCKING unbelievable, especially since I was stoned. Anyways, we listened to the craziest techno ever, like DJ Icey, Daft Punk, Hellogoodbye, Infected Mushroom. etc. Good times.
  17. im stoned, and listening to radiohead right now, but heres my list:

    Pink Floyd
    David Gilmour solo albums
    Slightly Stoopid
    Eric Clapton
    At the Drive-in
    Alice In Chains
    Jimi Hendrix
    Stevie Ray
    Bob Dylan
    Tom Petty

    Spice 1

    I listen to pretty much everything.
  18. Depends on if im stoned or on more then jus smoking. Depends on if im with people and who im with or alone.

    But latley, If im drunk and high, Alot of chopped and screwed shit, Well for a couple years now its been like this.

    But alot of Bizarre, SPM, Master P, Luda, 2pac, Esham.

    Latley been into some Blaze Ya Dead Homie, Psychpathic Ryda's ect.

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