music you emotionally cant listen to?

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  1. are there any songs out there that you physically can not listen to fear of bad memories?

    well. i had a girlfreind for about a year and a half(longest ever for me) and when we broke up i was pretty torn. the song i remember best when i was with her is "i cant wait" by akon... while you all may flame me for how horrible the song and artist is. i liked that song quite a bit. maybe it was being with her. who knows. but that song cant help but ruin my happiness whenever it plays.

    what about you? it doesnt have to be about a love or relationship. could be any scenario
  2. nah akon's okay....guns n' roses and ICP kinda suck dick tho dude...listen to more akon...sorry just had to point tht out.
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    From the highschool days. I can listen to them now, but back then, no way. Mr. Brightside by the Killers (yeah I know...). Also Last Train Home by Rise Against. Both due to a girl (It was highschool, what else could be the cause lol)
  4. all that john mellencamp shit is way to sappy for me i cant stand it
  5. That's Lost Prophets my man.

    Really i don't have any. I try not to let my precious music mess with my memories.
  6. for a time i couldnt listen nin pretty hate machine (all of it)

  7. Umm, you mean The lost prophets right?
  8. I can listen to this song, but when i do it makes me feel terrible.

    Alice In Chains - Nutshell.
  9. Yeah. I was listening to rise against while posting haha.
  10. Like a virgin- Madonna.

    Its always a tear jerker :rolleyes:
  11. any my chemical romance, chiodos, smother me by the used, half the songs i wrote, they're all about my newly-ex girlfriend xP
  12. eagle eye cherry- save tonight.... when i was a little girl i didnt get the real meaning... it reminded me of my grandpa who was an alcoholic dying and my grandma in his hospital room pulling closed the curtains when he dies... awful i know but this song gets to me :(

    Go on and close the curtains
    cause all we need is candle light
    You and me and a bottle of wine
    going to hold you tonight
    Well we know I'm going away
    and how I wish, I wish it weren't so
    So take this wine and drink with me
    let's delay our misery

    Save tonight
    and fight the break of dawn
    Come tomorrow
    tomorrow I'll be gone
  13. AWESOME thread.

    Random songs really get to me depending on the emotions that I interpret to fit them. Once I do this it sticks with me forever at least in the back of my mind and I can't change it.

    I'll post a few as I hear them.
  14. hey thanks for that little comment :p
    i cant wait just so happened to play in wmp and i figured id make this thread.
    glad(or should i say unfortunate?) that i got so many responses

    and for the record. mr brightside is my favorite song from the killers :p. that and when we were young

    and icp isnt so much my thing. i listen to more necro, ill bill. stuff like that. but the hatchet man is just such a great symbol.

    and the new guns a roses(shitty axl covers of well done songs) the old guns and roses is and always be amazing in its time. but i like them much more then ACDC and a few other bands along that line. never been a fan of guys raising there voices to such a high pitched level for such long periods of time :hello:

    good day. and i look forward to more responses :smoking:
  15. The cheers theme song, i shut of the T.V. when ever the new Dr. pepper commercials come on
  16. Hear you me, by Jimmy Eat World

    And if you were with me tonight,
    I'd sing to you just one more time.
    A song for a heart so big,
    god wouldn't let it live.
    May angels lead you in.

    One of my best friends passed away, he and I were the music moguls growing up. Usually this song is the catalyst for lots a tears. Such a pretty song though!
  17. My list of what I absolutely can not listen to:

    1: 90% of the country music
    2: Opera
    3: Classical music (orchestrated i think it is)
    4: Punk/Grunge/Thrash (that shit you cant understand)
    5: 95% of mainstream music (Lil Wayne, Chris Brown, Soulja Boy)
    6: Most "emo" related music, sappy shit
    7: Abba/Aqua (and most of that sort)

    Last but not least -

    8: Celine Dion...Nuff' said
  18. the pot by tool. still love that band to death, but it reminds me of my summer girlfriend and how she used to play it all the time. thanks for ruining an amazing song you fucking cunt.

    the titanic song by celine is still amazing :smoke:
  19. eric clapton...cant listen to that..maybe layla..but still.

    Black by Pearl jam...

    Sade (most of her songs)

    GnR ballads..cant stand that either

    Mos Def's song "the beggar'' thats a huge nono...
    generally many stuff i could pleasantly listen to a while ago

    you got me by the Roots and Erykah Badu..

    uugghh..many songs i cant listen to right now..
  20. All the artists and songs(with the exceptions of Sade) you listed are great man lol.

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