Music while on acid

Discussion in 'General' started by XSN, Jun 2, 2006.

  1. Im gonna do acid for the first time tonight and i was wondering if you guys had any suggestions for some music to download

    I already have nearly all of Pink Floyd's albums but i dont know if thats good music to listen to while trippin

  2. Pink Floyd is always good. Really, anything with a groove thats happy music works. I love funk and its awesome while tripping, but I know thats not for everyone. Stuff I avoid is angry music, doesn't really set me in the right mood.

    Can't go wrong with the Floyd though. My favorites are Obscured by Clouds, Meddle, and Atom Heart Mother. They go with tripping like burritos and weed.
  3. i suggest picking music you yourself are comfortable with and enjoy

    basically anything you pick will most likely amaze you
  4. yeah i was thinking about just putting saucerful of secrets on repeat (the album not just the song) sure it wont get old because it will probably sound like new every time it plays :D
  5. If you have Live at Pompeii that's excellent too.
  6. nothing scary, no metal. Atleast for me, my friend turned on Metallicas "The Black Album", and I started freaking out because the fake wolfs he had in his room were staring at me. I'd close my eyes and get the vision in my head, I couldn't get them to stop :(
  7. I wouldn't be too concerned. When your on acid, you can be amazed by the simpliest thing for literally hours.

    Really, any music you like, anything with good, distinct beat, or very distinct melodics are preferabe. Acid 'will amplify' it.

    Any of that makes sense?
  8. Acid can make you overdose on music. You'll understand when it happens.

  9. Haha that's a great way to put it.
  10. Yes, but acid can also be scary.

    Personally I like Radiohead, or even some of the RHCP(slower shit). For some reason I don't like really fast music on acid, i like slow melodic stuff.
  11. if you want a really insane fucking trip, listen to some noise.
    otherwise, listen to anything that you enjoy.
  12. Holy shit that's FUCKED UP. Listen to that on acid and your brain might kill itself.
  13. Get anything by James Zabiela.
    (preferably an hour long set)
  14. grateful dead and techno can be cool of your in the right mood

  15. I like your thinking sir.
  16. perpetual groove!

    edit: that link is nuts. that group has some heavy cephalic carnage inlfluences.

  17. daft punk.. cant go wrong, just put da funk repeat and your set

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