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Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by wingzero1285, May 6, 2004.

  1. If theres one thing i enjoy most while real stoned is listening to music, and im looking for some artists who have like real good guitar instrumentals and stuff like Eric Johnson or other shit like that if you know what im saying. Just good shit to chill out to n be stoned, no lyrics (maybe a few) but just quality music... so if anyone can mention some artists ill appreciate it. By the way Stranglehold by ted nugent works well hahah love that song, some lyrics but they fit the music well if u know what im saying... shit im babbling on hahahha oh man good times
  2. ever heard of this new little underground group, theyre called the pink floyds ;)
  3. phish..or jimi hendrix, the best guitarist who ever lived
  4. Music is the best part of bein' high. Right now I'm in a heavy Phish phase, and hopefully I can get tickets for them when they come here in August :D ( I entered the raffle thingydo on the website, hope I get picked...)
  5. pink floyd, the beatles (hey jude....), jimmi hendrix (angel, bold as love), eric b and rakim ( all of paid in full...)
  6. I dunno if you're into more metallish kinda stuff, but listen to "Orion" by Metallica, its an instrumental, its off the Master Of Puppets cd.
  7. pink floyd, Mindless self-indulgence

  8. big fan of metal, and yeah i know all about it, and when i say metal i mean metal not this "nu metal" and this "poser metal "shit slipknot fag crap linkin park system of a down wanna be shit im talkin real metal hahahha. oh man i get crazy when i talk about metal. huge megadeth fan, love metallica and all that good shit. just saw em a few weeks ago in long island. gooood stuff.
  9. you can't really classify SOAD with linkin park though. at least SOAD has some talent. all linkin park can do is scream. everything else is an abomination
  10. jerry and the grateful dead :)
  11. dude, try mixing fucking TOOL with winamp visualizations, milkdrop trips me OUT. it's so cool.
  12. John Petrucci
    Steve Vai
    Joe Satriani (sp?)
  13. ^^^:) Dream Theater is amazing. So is Steve Vai.
  14. hells yes...

    Mike Portnoy is a percussion GOD!
  15. Pantera has always been good...

    get the song: Floods by Pantera

    they recorded when they were stoned, and recorded the rain outside there studio.. really good

  16. If you are into classic rock guitar jams check out these, they are some of my favorite.

    Allman Brothers! Exactly what you are looking for, download Mountain Jam. Anything Allman Brothers. Duane Allman is amazing, I think he is better than Jimi Hendrex, any day of the week.

    Anything Neil Young, mainly:
    Cortez the Killer
    Cowgirl in the Sand
    Down by the River
    Like a Hurricane

    As mentioned above Grateful Dead are probably the best jam band ever.

    Anything Joe Walsh too, he is an amazing guitarist.

    If you are really looking for wordless, get some Jeff Beck, he does a lot of just guitar, download his version of Beatles A Day in the Life, it will blow you away.

    Also Check out Jethro Tull, download "Thick as a Brick" the long version its really good, also Cross Eyed Mary, Aqualung, teacher, Bungle in the Jungle

    Hope those work for ya
  17. bone thugs, do or die, twista, big tymers, bob marley
  18. dj screw. made for being high or leaning on that codeine
  19. Moving from Rec. use to the Music forum. :)

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