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music while high

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by coolkid94, Nov 14, 2013.

  1. What do you guys like to bump while high?
  2. Recently I decided to give Snoop Lion a try. I wasn't really accepting of him changing from Snoop Dog since I've known him as a gangsta rapper since I was growing up. Usually I just go through my Spotify and look for new artists.
  3. How is he?
  4. Lol my friends always pick the music, Dubstep isn't bad, Hell even rap shit I don't listen to is awesome. I really don't think you can go wrong with music. But just explore! 
  5. All types of music are enjoyable while high. I can listen to Tame Impala one second and RL Grime the next.

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  6. try some chill jazz
  7. Reggae and laidback rap (Wiz Khalifa, Kirko Bangz nd the likes) is what I like to listen to when I'm drifting in thin air.

    "Everything is better when u are high"
  8. HipHop, Reggae, Jazz, Soul, House. Anything that sounds good.
    Trance is great at any time. I tend to listen to a lot of trance, prog metal/rock, and improv rock(Phish, Umphrey's McGee, moe.).
  10. Surprisingly, classical music is a great mind twister. The music feels like its the background song of your life
  11. Depends on my mood really. I love a wide variety of music. But not country. NEVER country.

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    Currently listening to Satan Prayer by Ghost. I recommend everything by Ghost, haha.
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    Type O Negative as well

    This goes some fun places.
  15. Complicated rap gets me thinking and/or feeling.
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    Hahaha, Snoop Lion is a fucking joke.
    I went to a music festival this past summer and he was one of the headliners. I went just to see what he was like. He only played one of his "Snoop Lion" song, and the rest were literally only songs that he was featured in. He would just play the prerecorded songs over the loud speakers, and talk into the mic when it was his portion of the song to "rap".
    He ended with his oh so famous "smoke weed muddafuckas" while blowing smoke from his joint onto the crowd.
    Hands down the worst show of the festival.
    Needless to say, contrary to popular belief, Snoop Dogg is still just Snoop Dogg.
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    Oh, but related to the post, I love me some Infected Mushroom!
    Medicine for the People is also a really good band to listen to while stoned if you want a band that makes you think.


    A little older for anyone who hasn't heard Infected Mushroom. The record it closes, "I'm The Supervisor", is still my favorite of their albums. Legend of The Black Schwarma is also pretty impressive.

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