music when you're high....

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music when high?

  1. rap

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  2. metal

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  3. raggae

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  4. classic rock

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  1. what tunes do ya listen to when high? the obvious ones are marley and floyd probably, i like TOOL and hendrix(band of gypsys)
  2. Hendrix is great while frying balls
  3. Given only one choice on the poll, gotta go with classic ROCK!! :hippie:....but otherwise it depends on mood and situation!!...:smoking:....:smoke:
  4. it really depends on the mood and my surroundings and on who i'm hangin out with but usually rap because for some reason weed + rap just go together
  5. i agree with 420dave depneds on what i feel like and who i'm with. Classic rock is always good, same with rap. Rock is more of a group thing for me.

    music goes great with smoking tho, they were made for each other...haha

  6. I'm surprised you only listed 4 genres of music!
    But definitely, hands down, Classic Rock. I am DOWN with the 60s and 70s man! :)
    Music just isn't the same these days... But TOOL is awesome I must say.
  7. StaticX is the best band ever anyway, but they rule when your high!
  8. Token' to C.C.R. :smoking: right now!!
  9. i like all kinds of music but it also depends on the drug a good bit when i'm high usually rap when i'm drunk always classic rock when i'm speedin or when i'm rollin it's got to be techno or that trance stuff and off the subject a little when i'm trippin on acid i watch cartoon movies like aladdin that right there will blow your mind
  10. definitely TOOL, Marley, Bob DYlan is calssic, Pink floyd, hendrix, CCR all the way. As for newer bands, nine inch nails,Bodspeed you black empereor!, radiohead, modest mouse,
    i cant stop here , but i will
  11. Around where I live in Georgia, bluegrass is pretty popular, sharing the spotlight with jam bands and rap. Personally, I think bluegrass is the perfect music to listen to while high, or just whenever. Also, jamming with some friends on mandolin is real fun. Anyone else like bluegrass/newgrass?

  12. HELL YEAH!!!.....But then again I like it ALL :hippie: MUSIC (all) ROCKS!!! :smoking:
  13. I listen to trance and jungle...some cool shit when im toasted
  14. Classic rock is what I chose.
    I think being stoned and not listening to music is a wasted stone.
  15. I go with the majority. Classic rock:D But I also agree we should have had more choices.

    Gotta love the music while stoned! It's the best!
  16. I like a lot of music when I'm stoned but if I had to pick it would be classic rock. Though I'll most likely have some Phish or some Panic in the rotation.
  17. Well i'm an all out grunger\rocker. But i'll admit when i'm toasted trance techno is the shyt! The music like plays tricks on you.
  19. nothing from this list... I listen nowaday's only to basskicking techno
  20. Listen to easy skankin...thats a song :)

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