music when your smoking?

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music while smoking/high?

  1. yes, while im smoking and high

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  2. just while im smoking

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  3. just when im stoned

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  4. never

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  1. when your smoking do you listen to music? what you do listen to... i know i definitly do listen to music when im high... its the best :)

    i liek radiohead the best and i suggest you try some of these songs

    paranoid android

    nothing better- The postal service

    i got 5 on it - da luniz

    im so gone - lil flip

    these are all my favorite songs when i'm smoking what do yall like?
  2. blech, even though this thread seems a bit on the independently uninclined, i will respond. i listen to music all the time, with or without pot.. some of my personal favorites are the flaming lips, elliott smith, converge, and interpol..
  3. dave matthews band
    bob marley
    bob dylan
    long beach dub allstars
    joe strummer & the mescaleros

    too many more lol, i love music, especially while high
  4. beatles-Sgt Pepper, Magical Mystery tour, Revolver, White album

    The Mars Volta
    Red hot chillie peppers
    Queens of the stone age

    but check out those beatle albums and REALY check out the MARS VOLTA, they are amazing stoner rock.
  5. g love and special sauce is awesome
    so's long beach dub all stars
  6. My personal favorite song to smoke to is "Live and Direct" by Sugar Ray... i dunno why.
  7. nothin better than some good old classic rock when youre just sounds so damn good. Some great bands to listen to when youre high are Pink Floyd, Led Zeppellin, ACDC and Black Sabbath.

  8. That's a good song...I have it on my play list.

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