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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Talon, Jun 21, 2006.

  1. well me and a friend smoked a few bowls out of a home made bong. we went inside the house to watch TV, and on came that song "snap your fingers." now naturally, i hate theis style of rap, but the music video with the psychedelic looking effects had me staring for the whole video. anyone seen it? wow is all i have to say, they had aftershadows of different colors and a diferent color flashing background. i think they made this music video to be watched high :D
  2. trying to be a smart ass? if you havent seen the video or dont even know what im talking about, stfu and stay out of my threads.
  3. Sounds like that stuff in all the kinda girly rappers/ r&b when their at a club and theres crazy lights flashing and shit, it is pretty sweet to see, if only the music was good too!
  4. eh, hit the mute button and play a song you want to hear. problem solved, and since youre high, it would look like the reappers are actually saying the shit thats on the radio or whatever youre listening to.
  5. dude, thats wierd, i was watching that video stoned off my ass and it tripped me the fuck out!

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