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Discussion in 'General' started by Jack Herer, Sep 18, 2002.

  1. Hey i am in the process of burning a good smoke mix and i was wondering what all you guys like to listen to before/during/after smoking? I'm only 18 but me and my friends are a bunch of hippies or somethin because we listen to all the music that our father's listend to back in the day like Blue oyster cult, tom petty, Creedance clearwater revival, lynard skynard, and every stoner has listend to zeppelin atleast once. My friend has a zeppelin dvd and it is wierd as hell when your baked. You enter some kind of dream world or somethin. nothin seems real. i had mad cottonmouth and i didnt even realize it till the movie was over this one day. it was so bad it hurt to talk. well i'm gonna get back to burning this cd so i have somethin to listen to this weekend. what music do you guys like?
  2. Hey Dude, If you feel up to some new shit, try out Sublime. If you want some really, really cool stuff, try out CeeLoo. It is rap, but really good rap, with a weed twist to it. I have started listening to a lot of artist that are pro marijuana activists and found that their music sounds wonderful while tokin' on a bowl or J.
    Peace Out!!!...( O Y O )...
  3. yeah i listen to sublime too. I don't only listen to old stuff. The newer stuff I listen to is 311(pro mary jane), ratm, rhcp, and a whole lot of punk rock but that isnt very good to smoke to. toss in some 311 once, they use a lot of synthesizers and stuff and it sounds really wierd when your zoning. I've never heard of ceeloo but i'll download some of his stuff if you'll give me the names of some of his good raps. for me nothin beats lightin up a doob and throwing on some no quaerter. or perhaps the best, maybe not intentional, but i think its one of the best weed songs made is "Come Down" by bush. anyone know if bush was into weed or anything else, because this song just HAS to be about being high.
  4. Nine Inch Nails,

    sounds awsome cause all the music is so layered and has so many interesting noises. NiN makes me hallucinate cause the sound engulfs you.

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