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  1. Who doesn't love cruisin around in yer ride with a pair of subs and poundin some beats to it while smokin a blunt. Hell yes, jus gotta listen to Big Tymers - Still Fly, and jus start rhymin with it.
  2. lol i so know what ya mean.. luda is awesome too..
  3. St.Lunatics - Boom D Boom
  4. Warren G all the way ;)

    REGULATAS *lol*
  5. led zeppelin 3, all the way.

    or les claypool's set from bonnaroo.
  6. spme floyd isn't bad either
  7. beethovan
  8. orichas(Que pasa -CUBA-Represent) , Cypress Hill - Tequila Sunrise
  9. i'm more into the progressive metal scene. Dream Theater, Liquid Tension Exp. Steve Vai, Eric Johnson. New music like Incubus, Hoobastank, Sublime, 311 all rock.

    almost forgot Alice. thats right, Alice In Chains
  10. Croma Key... "Dead Air for the Radio" is a kick ass CD. Also, Dave Mathews and Mr. Bungle...

  11. JPT Scare Band. But, that is some very heavy shit, don't get too spaced out. Keep your eyes on the road, keep your hands on the wheel!!
  12. Here's a option for the basic G-style rap.
    Front Line Assembly - Epitaph, Hardwired
    Archive - Londinium
    Atari Teenage Riot - delete yoursellf, 60 second wipe out


    It's different, but if you can give it a try.
  13. phish is good but the best is grateful dead and thier crusing song is truckin. i mean come on there is no better crusing song
  14. sublime.

  15. taking back sunday
    everyone should check them out
  16. The Doors,Grateful dead,and the Eagles rules!
  17. When port-a-blazin, 311 does it for me every time. Whos Got The Herb is the greatest song for cruisin ever.
  18. jammin' by bob marley is very good, but the dead truckin' is the best
  19. yea now that i think about it jammin is a great crusing and smoking song

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